MonkeyMonkey keywords: Quick wit, many talents, lack of inhibition.
Monkey correlates to the Western sign Leo.

Monkey Lunar Calendar

1908 – February 2 to January 21, 1909 Yellow Earth Monkey
1920 – February 20 to February 7, 1921 White Metal Monkey
1932 – February 6 to January 25, 1933 Black Water Monkey
1944 – January 25 to February 12, 1945 Green Wood Monkey
1956 – February 12 to January 30, 1957 Red Fire Monkey
1968 – January 30 to February 16, 1969 Yellow Earth Monkey
1980 – February 16 to February 4, 1981 White Metal Monkey
1992 – February 4 to January 22, 1993 Black Water Monkey
2004 – January 22 to February 8, 2005 Green Wood Monkey
2016 – February 8 to January 27, 2017 Red Fire Monkey
2028 – January 26 to February 12, 2029 Yellow Earth Monkey

Hours of the Monkey are 3 pm – 5 pm.


Monkey in Love

In relationships, Monkey is most compatible with another Monkey, Rat, or Dragon. Snake is also compatible. Tiger is least compatible. Your best months are April, May, August, and December. Your best season is late summer. Questions? Schedule your personal horoscope with Susan Levitt for your Chinese Four Pillars chart plus your complete Western chart.

Monkey Personality

Monkey is ingenious, sharp, clever, alert, extremely entertaining, mercurial, and aggressive. Monkey embodies strong leadership potential and easily wins trust. Insistent on being the leader, Monkey won’t allow anyone else dictate what to do. Uninhibited Monkey rarely gets embarrassed by anything, and freely and fearlessly is expressive in all areas of life.

In addition to acute mental alertness, Monkey also possesses physical stamina. Monkeys are good with their hands, and have skills and dexterity with machines. Monkey naturally possesses technological talents, and can easily master new concepts. In short — Monkey can do anything!

In Asia, the birthrate skyrockets in a Monkey year (as in Dragon year). A male Monkey child is preferred but a female Monkey is also very strong. She succeeds by accepting her yang nature and applying it to achievement in the world. Monkey is generous and sensitive, and loves to help others.

In personal relationships, Monkeys can be playful and romantic, yet they may treat relationships as games and have trouble staying committed for an extended period of time. Impatient Monkey gets bored quickly and is constantly looking for distracting excitement, stimulation, and new games. Monkey runs hot and cold in relationships, and has a rigid caste system for judging others. Either you are high on Monkey’s list and a valued player, or you’re not; either you contribute to Monkey’s advancement, or you don’t.

Astute Monkey must be aware to not indulge in what Buddhists call “monkey mind” of jump to a branch, grab a banana, peel it, take a bite, drop it, then jump to the next branch — on and on in a useless cycle. Monkey experiences many flashes of brilliant insights. May they use them wisely and suffer from monkey-mind tail chasing.


Monkey Year

The year of the Monkey is a time of courage, action, anarchy, and true devotion to even the wildest of schemes. Success can be attained in business, politics, and real estate. Everyone wants to work the shrewdest angle, get the best deal, and win big. Now is the time to start new endeavors, for many are destined to succeed under lucky Monkey’s influence. Luck is not with the dull or slow witted this year. Monkey will take all the peanuts and leave only the shells.


Tao Te Ching verse for Monkey

Thirty spokes join together to make a wheel
but it is the center hole that makes the wagon move.
We shape clay into a vessel
but it is the emptiness inside that makes it useful.
We hammer wood for a house
but in the empty space is where we live.
We work with being
but non-being is what we use.