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2020 NEW MOON ECLIPSE in SAGITTARIUS December 14 2020 at 8:17 am PST is new Moon eclipse in Sagittarius. Fire sign Sagittarius rules the 9th house of education, philosophy, and the higher mind. Under the influence of Sagittarius, focus is on new learning, establishing values, and truth telling during this lunar month. The new Moon, Sun, and Mercury are all in Sagittarius resulting in some very frank, direct, conversations. The new Moon, Sun, and Mercury trine Mars in Aries bringing energy to not back down from a challenge. These transits are favorable for decisive action, negotiations,...

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Happy New Year of the Earth Pig! Create good luck with good feng shui! 2019 is an Earth year, so time to focus on earthly matters such as health, food, home, and other material concerns. During an Earth year, create a warm, cozy, and inviting environment so you can live comfortably. There won’t be another Earth year until 2028 for strong focus on earthly-plane issues, so this is the year to heal a lingering illness or pain, clean your kitchen cupboards, organize your closets, upgrade your home, go to the dentist, and other mundane matters. Especially take care of your diet and digestion this...

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2017 Feng Shui Tips for Fire Phoenix (Rooster) Year

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Please join me this coming Saturday February 11 2017 at East West Books in Mt. View CA for my annual Chinese New Year talk!  Fire Phoenix year 2017 is time for transformation. Read about the personality traits of the Phoenix. Phoenix correlates to the Western sign Virgo, the sign of health, healing, rebirth, and dedicated work that brings rewards. Chinese Medicine All eight limbs of Chinese medicine work together to create good health: feng shui, astrology, herbology, exercise (tai chi, chi kung), meditation, diet, massage and acupuncture, and moxibustion. (Moxibustion uses heat to...

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