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Mercury 2015, Full Moon, Mars Transits

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MERCURY RETROGRADES 2015 For your travel plans in 2015, note that Mercury retrograde is not considered an auspicious time for travel. So make your travel arrangements with the following Mercury retrograde dates in mind. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde for three weeks three times a year. January 21 – February 11 in Air sign Aquarius. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. Good for think tanks, new ideas, and networking. Best to be methodical during this Ox month, the final month of Horse year. May 18 – June 11 in Air sign Gemini. Mercury is comfortable in rulership sign Gemini. You can...

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Highlights this week are a night out or a change of routine on Water Sheep Wednesday, and fun social times on both Fire Dog Saturday and Fire Pig Sunday! Mon Jan 5 is Metal SNAKE (white Snake) day. Energy begins to wane after the full Moon peak last night. Time to slow down and create calm on this Snake day. Snake is deliberate and thoughtful. Mercury conjunct Venus, good for expressing your feelings, is grounded by sextiles to practical Saturn. Sun conjunct intense Pluto squares Uranus, bringing a new view to see the world. Can contemplate, then focus on goals. White Snake hits the target....

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