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Monday 10/29/12 will be a FULL MOON. Full Moons are the time to avoid surgery because there is more swelling. Like the sap in tress and tides in the ocean, liquids swell up during the days before, of, and after a full Moon. Our family dog Nani Loa is an old gal. She was originally scheduled to have 3 teeth pulled yesterday on Friday 10/26. But that date was too close to the full Moon on Monday 10/29. My concern was that Nani’s mouth would swell up over this weekend, and then finally start to drain and heal on Wednesday after Monday’s full Moon. She would probably be better by the...

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Surgery Dates and Lunar tips

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EVENT ASTROLOGY I can research a fortunate date or choice of dates for your surgery, a wedding, to launch a business, and more. For a big event such as a business launch, schedule your event on or close to the full Moon for better attendance and more energy. But avoid surgery on the full Moon, and the three days before and the two days after the full Moon, to avoid swelling, bruising, and complications. The fee is $90. Most event astrology is easy to do by email For surgery: 1. What is the exact nature of your surgery? Are you adding to the body such as an implant, or...

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