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FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN July 3 2012 is a full Moon in the Earth sign Capricorn, time to enjoy, celebrate, and share Earth’s abundance. Energy is high during this peak-of-summer Fire Horse month, and perfect for fireworks. If you’re moving right along at a fast clip, then put some sweat equity into your Dragon-year dreams. Organize and build to manifest your ideal. But if you’re running on empty so far in this Dragon year, use this full Moon cycle as your time for stability and healing. Practical, realistic Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, so be sure to manage your...

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Astrological Party Planning in Dragon Year

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Spring is here! And spring is the power time of Dragon year. Dragon loves many things, but Dragon especially loves all kinds of parties and celebrations. In this Dragon year, bigger is better. Nothing is too extravagant or over the top for the mighty Dragon. But no need to break the bank for a Dragon dream. Instead, try an astrological pot-luck. It provides something for everyone, and creates a communal spirit that Dragon enjoys, along with Dragon’s best friends Rat and Monkey. An astrological pot luck is based on your Western sign’s element: Element WATER signs PISCES, CANCER...

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Sunday April 1 is a triple Dragon day, one of the luckiest days of the year: a Dragon day, in Dragon month, during this Dragon year. The hours of the Dragon are 7 AM – 9 AM, the time of 4 Dragons on April 1. Perfect for April Fools! This is very fortunate for everyone, especially for those born in Dragon, Rat, and Monkey years. If you’ve been hiding your light, here’s the link to my Dragon Year video to get you going:...

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Interview about Taoist Astrology with Susan Levitt Even though I live on a hill in San Francisco, I was interviewed by Kim McMillon for her “Arts in the Valley” radio program. Please click on the above link to start listening. My half-hour interview is about Taoist astrology: what it is, how it differs from Western astrology, 12 Taoist animal signs, your birth year animal, your birth hour animal, why Chinese New Year is not January 1st, details about all 12 animal signs with relationship compatibility, the 5 changing elements, the 60-year Taoist lunar calendar, and the 12 earthly...

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