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Posted by on Oct 2, 2017 in Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Full Moon | 0 comments

October 5 2017 is the annual harvest full Moon, the full Moon closest to Autumn Equinox. This full Moon is in Fire sign Aries. People can be more adventuresome and bold under the influence of fiery, action-oriented Aries. Harvest Moon is time to harvest, or finish projects.  But pace yourself. Fine if some projects take all winter to complete. Contact me for your tarot card reading for guidance and insights about career choices, your astrology forecast for fortunate dates to take action, or your feng shui consultation to empower your environment this autumn. The Sun, Mercury, and...

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January 19 – 25, 2015 The WEEK in CHINESE ASTROLOGY

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Highlights this week are a new Moon on Tuesday at 5:14 am PST that starts Fire Ox month, the final month of this Wood Horse year. Plus communication planet Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday! Mon Jan 19 is Wood SHEEP day. Moon conjuncts Pluto bringing emotional strength and insights under the guidance of kind Wood Sheep. If feeling overwhelmed, take care of yourself. Now is the peak of Mars conjunct Neptune: Mars wants action, whereas dreamy Neptune does not. Avoid accepting things at face value. Not the time for shortcuts. Mars continues to conjunct Neptune until January 29. Plus Saturn...

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January 12 – 18, 2015 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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Highlights this week are smart double Rat Monday, fortunate lunar trines on Water Snake Saturday, and active double Wood Horse Sunday! Mon Jan 12 is double RAT: Earth Rat day in Fire Rat month. Moon trines Mercury and Venus that’s excellent for all types of communication. You can express your emotions, and easily enjoy the company of others. Mars continues to conjunct Neptune that bring confusion about the next steps to take. So use the intelligent energy of this double Rat day to organize your thoughts and complete communication. Fortunately, the ongoing Mercury and Venus conjunction...

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Posted by on Dec 31, 2014 in Astrology, Chinese Astrology, The Week in Chinese astrology | 1 comment

Highlights this week are a night out or a change of routine on Water Sheep Wednesday, and fun social times on both Fire Dog Saturday and Fire Pig Sunday! Mon Jan 5 is Metal SNAKE (white Snake) day. Energy begins to wane after the full Moon peak last night. Time to slow down and create calm on this Snake day. Snake is deliberate and thoughtful. Mercury conjunct Venus, good for expressing your feelings, is grounded by sextiles to practical Saturn. Sun conjunct intense Pluto squares Uranus, bringing a new view to see the world. Can contemplate, then focus on goals. White Snake hits the target....

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Dec 29, 2014 – Jan 4, 2015 THE WEEK IN CHINESE ASTROLOGY

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Highlights this week are double Fire Rat New Years Eve, and a powerful full Moon at 8:53 pm PT on white Dragon Sunday! Mon Dec 29 is Wood DOG day. Dog days are lucky in Horse year because Dog and Horse are best friends. Moon sextiles Mars bringing strength and courage that’s idea on a Dog day. Moon conjuncts Uranus for freedom of expression. But Moon squares Sun and Mercury so avoid arguments. Sun and Mercury conjunct Pluto so communication is serious and no-nonsense like Dog. Saturn squares Neptune to stay realistic. The ongoing Saturn square Pluto brings out Dog’s humanist...

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