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2017 Gemini New Moon begins Fire Horse Month

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May 25 2017 is a new Moon in Air sign Gemini. Bright and lively Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication. So this lunar month is time to put your ideas into action. Plus this new Moon begins the month of the Fire Horse. Fire Horse month in this Fire Phoenix (Rooster) year creates a great deal of Fire for passionate and creativity. Horse can bring victory, adventure, excitement, and surprising romance. Decisive action, not procrastination, leads to success. Mars, also in Gemini, is opposite Saturn in Sagittarius that requires focus and perseverance. But Fire...

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May 19 Р25, 2014 The Week in Chinese Astrology 

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May 19 Р25, 2014  The Week in Chinese Astrology 

Highlights this week are deep double Snake Thursday, strong double Wood Horse Friday, and feisty Fire Monkey Sunday! Mon May 19 is a Metal TIGER (white Tiger) day. The Moon trines Sun and Mars for action! Time to get going as Mars is no longer retrograde. Mars goes direct at 6:31 pm PDT. Enjoy a little pick-me up today, and find your inner courage. Energy really accelerates next week on May 28 new Moon that starts Horse month. Venus conjunct Uranus all week for new inspiration and romance. But Pluto squares Mars and Uranus, and is opposite Jupiter, keeping alive the frustrating grand...

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