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April 7, 2016 at 4:24 am PT is a new Moon in Aries. The new Moon, Sun, Venus, and Uranus are all in dynamic Fire sign Aries. Under the influence of pioneering Aries, this lunar month is time for risks and to take action. Venus trines Mars for romance in relationships, creative activities, and luck in love. This new Moon begins the fortunate month of the Water Dragon. Dragon is best friends with Monkey, and 2016 is a Monkey year. The Water Dragon is very powerful because Dragon’s strength blends with the intuitive gifts and easy flow of the element Water. Click here to learn about the...

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January 12 – 18, 2015 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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Highlights this week are smart double Rat Monday, fortunate lunar trines on Water Snake Saturday, and active double Wood Horse Sunday! Mon Jan 12 is double RAT: Earth Rat day in Fire Rat month. Moon trines Mercury and Venus that’s excellent for all types of communication. You can express your emotions, and easily enjoy the company of others. Mars continues to conjunct Neptune that bring confusion about the next steps to take. So use the intelligent energy of this double Rat day to organize your thoughts and complete communication. Fortunately, the ongoing Mercury and Venus conjunction...

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April 8 – April 14, 2013 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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Highlights this week are a complex DOUBLE SNAKE day on Tuesday, a new Moon on Wednesday at 2:35 am PDT that starts the exciting month of the FIRE DRAGON, and transformation planet PLUTO goes retrograde on Friday. Monday April 8 starts the week with a bang on a busy Wood Dragon day. The element Wood is active and growth oriented. But use the dynamic energy of this Dragon day to complete projects instead of initiating new endeavors because today and tomorrow are a balsamic (dark) Moon that ends this lunar cycle. Make plans for the new Moon on Wednesday that starts the month of the Fire Dragon,...

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I received a letter from a feng shui client inquiring about her luck with a new puppy. I am an animal person so was delighted to blend feng shui principles with our beloved animal companions who so generously share their lives with us: Hi Susan, Hope this finds you well. A quick update about my place in Piedmont, CA. I have officially got my promotion on March 2012—you were right about removing my cat litter box to the guest bedroom’s bathroom. Now my foyer looks nice & inviting and my front entrance is fully opened. Recently, I have brought home a shiba inu puppy we named...

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NEW MOON IN GEMINI Tuesday June 19 is a new Moon in the lively, mercurial Air sign Gemini. Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in Gemini, making this an ideal time for lively social gatherings and creative adventures. Short travels and trips are fortunate during this lunar cycle, especially before Mercury goes retrograde from July 14 – August 7. Good to network, make connections, and share ideas with close friends and family members. Under Gemini’s influence, everyone wants to chat and everyone has lots to say. It’s easy to be inspired by Gemini’s fast energy, but equally as easy...

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