Tarot Classes

Intro to Tarot book coverTAROT CLASSES

Learn to read tarot cards for yourself and others!

Class text is my book Introduction to Tarot. If you have tarot cards, bring them to your class.

If you don’t have cards, purchase The Complete Tarot Kit that includes the book Introduction to Tarot plus two tarot decks!

IThe Complete Tarot Kit by Susan Levittn the first class you will learn:

  • The structure of tarot
  • Your soul card and signifier card
  • How to identify the 22 major arcana, 40 minor arcana, and 16 court cards
  • How to shuffle and cut the cards
  • How to do a three card spread

Contact me to schedule your private class. The fee is $200 per hour. Private classes are in San Francisco or by phone.

Private class fee is $200.

Private Lesson: $200
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