Pig (Boar)

PIG (Boar)

Pig keywords: Peaceful, optimistic & sensitive.
Pig correlates to the Western sign Scorpio, but Scorpio without the sting.

Pig Lunar Calendar

1911 – January 30 to February 17, 1912 Silver Metal Pig
1923 – February 16 to February 4, 1924 Gray Water Pig
1935 – February 4 to January 23, 1936 Blue Wood Pig
1947 – January 22 to February 9, 1948 Purple Fire Pig
1959 – February 8 to January 27, 1960 Gold Earth Pig
1971 – January 27 to February 15, 1972 Silver Metal Pig
1983 – February 13 to February 1, 1984 Gray Water Pig
1995 – January 31 to February 18, 1996 Blue Wood Pig
2007 – February 18 to February 6, 2008 Purple Fire Pig
2019 – February 5 to January 24, 2020 Gold Earth Pig
2031 – January 23 to February 10, 2032 Silver Metal Pig

Hours of the Pig are 9 pm – 11 pm.


Pig in Love

In relationships, Pig is most compatible with another Pig, Sheep, or Rabbit. Tiger is also compatible. Snake is least compatible. Questions? Schedule your personal horoscope with Susan Levitt for your Chinese Four Pillars chart plus your complete Western chart.


Pig in 2024 Dragon Year

Dragon loves life, excitement, and good times. Bigger and grander is better. Therefore, Dragon year brings many opportunities to enjoy, indulge, and express yourself. Dragon year can be surprisingly lucky for Pigs. Your best months are February, March, July, and November. Your best seasons are autumn and winter.

Pig Personality

A person born in Pig year is kind and honest. She is peaceful in nature and dislikes conflicts and arguments. Pleasant Pig is optimistic, fun-loving, and doesn’t hide emotions.

Pig makes a great friend because her capacity for giving and forgiving knows little bounds. She is generous and trusting, and hurries to the aid of people she cares about whenever the need arises. Pig is willing to make self sacrifices for the people she loves. Good to everyone, Pig even trusts those who are untrustworthy.

Sensitive and caring, Pig goes out of her way to please people and make them feel at home. Pig is greatly concerned with the welfare of others, especially children. She is the type of person who likes to surprise you with little gifts to show you her appreciation.

Pig loves creature comforts and desires to share the goodies. And she loves to relax. Only a few people are allowed to enter Pig’s closest circle. If you are one of them, you are very fortunate to have Pig on your side.

Year of the Pig

The year of the Pig is a time of self-indulgence and fun. It is also a time of peace, understanding, harmony, and fellowship. Ease and enjoyment of the good life will be valued more than power and status. People can be kinder to each other in everyday interactions and feel little need for competition.

Extravagant vacations, sumptuous meals, and lavish spending on luxuries and fine clothing are to be expected. Individuals tend to feel content and satisfied, ignoring the bills that accumulate over a Pig year. The following Rat year will be the time to face realities after Pig year indulgences.


Tao Te Ching verse for Pig

The master has no mind of her own.
She works with the mind of the people.
She is good to people who are good.
She is also good to people who are not good.
This is true goodness.
She trusts people who are trustworthy.
She also trusts people who are untrustworthy,
This is true trust.
The Master’s mind is like space.
People don’t understand her.
They look to her and wait.
She treats them like her own children.