Fortunate Surgery Dates & Events

Crescent Moon Goddess

Fortunate Surgery Dates & Events

I can research a fortunate date or choice of dates for your surgery, a wedding, to launch a business, and more.

Includes your personal astrological transits, and transit bi-wheel for your special day.

Most event astrology is easy to do by email

Surgery dates work for dentistry. And for animals!

Please let me know:
1. Your birth date, place, and time including AM or PM.

2. The location where your event will take place.
I need this info for the correct time zone.

3. The window of time (month or two) available to plan your event.
For more than two months, contact me for pricing.

4. And what is the nature of your event, such as a wedding, business launch, or surgery?

If surgery:
1. What exactly is your surgery?
Are you adding to the body such as an implant, or removing from the body such as removing a tumor.

2. If this surgery is done only on specific days such as only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I don’t want to find a good date, but then surgery is not done on that day.

Event Astrology: $90

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(Note that your event date, or choice of dates, is not your birth chart reading or astrology forecast. More info.)

Testimonials from happy clients:

I want to thank you for your advice on our elopement date! We eloped on September 19 and it was AMAZING! It was one of those days that everything just works out just in time and almost miraculously. To give you an idea of what I mean, the very next day Alberta implemented new Covid restrictions which would have made it impossible for us to celebrate as we did. And there were many other things that fell into place in the last minute and perfectly. Thank you so much!
– Darina B., Alberta Canada

Thank you for expertise Susan! AMAZING results on my face so far! Hands take longer than face so I’m still waiting for them to peel but so far so good. Thanks again!!
– Emily C., Los Angeles CA

Susan, I just want to say Thank You for my surgery date, and the results turned out amazing. My recovery is moving along at lightning speed. I am SO thankful that I consulted you and appreciate your expert advice.
– Beth K., London

A couple of months ago I contacted you for a reading on a surgery in April. At the time I was sure I could not find time with my old astrologer, who is also very good. You assured me that April 26th was a good date, the best pick available. You gave me a lot of specific information that was helpful, beyond the date. You were wonderful. It turned out later I was able to contact my old astrologer; she also assured me that the 26th was the perfect date, and gave me information similar to yours! By then I had booked the surgery, and it did go well. I am still healing but am confident of a good result. Thank you for your generosity with your time and skill. I appreciate how thorough you were. I look forward to having another reading with you in the future. Meanwhile I wish you every good thing.
– Jill D., New York NY