SUSAN LEVITT (San Francisco, CA) is an astrologer, tarot card reader, and feng shui consultant since 1986. Her publications include Taoist Astrology and The Complete Tarot Kit. Follow Susan’s lunar blog for new Moon and full Moon updates.

Susan was born in Chicago in 1955. After graduating from The Chicago Art Institute and specializing in Asian Studies at Roosevelt University, she moved to San Francisco where she worked with an architectural firm before becoming a professional tarot card reader, astrologer, and feng shui consultant. 

An astrology buff since age 11, and a tarot reader since age 17, Susan had years of experience by the early 80’s when people in Berkeley started asking her to read cards for them, and to do their astrology charts. So in 1986, a Fire Tiger year, Susan took a risk and began her consultation business.

In a Fire Tiger year, endeavors clearly work, or clearly do not work, with no middle ground. The following Rabbit year would be fortunate to find another job in the arts. (Susan’s chart: Sheep year, Rabbit month, Pig day.) 


Soon tarot clients asked how to read tarot. Susan began tarot classes, and her class notes became the book Introduction To Tarot published in Chinese and Russian, and winner of the People’s Choice Award from COVR.

Introduction To Tarot is also in Susan’s The Complete Tarot Kit that started thousands of people all over the world on their tarot path. Over time, Susan became the author of five books that are published in several languages.

Susan has over 40 years’ experience with tarot, astrology, and Chinese medicine. Some highlights are being featured on CNN, being voted “Best Astrologer” by SF Weekly in San Francisco, and being interviewed on the television program Chicagoing.

Susan posts daily on Facebook and on twitter @tarot_tweet, and contributes articles to many publications including her annual column for We’Moon lunar calendars. Follow her Lunar Blog for updates.

Tarot readings and astrology consultations are in San Francisco CA, by telephone, or email. Feng shui consultations are on site, or with video. To schedule call Susan at 415.642.8019 in San Francisco, or email susan@susanlevitt.com.

Read testimonials from clients. They’ve been with Susan for decades, and are now sending their children and grandchildren!


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