Ox keywords: Steadiness, perseverance, and determination.
Ox correlates to the Western sign Capricorn.

Ox Lunar Calendar

1901 – February 19 to February 7, 1902 Silver Metal Ox
1913 – February 6 to January 25, 1914 Gray Water Ox
1925 – January 25 to February 12, 1926 Blue Wood Ox
1937 – February 11 to January 30, 1938 Purple Fire Ox
1949 – January 29 to February 16, 1950 Gold Earth Ox
1961 – February 15 to February 4, 1962 Silver Metal Ox
1973 – February 3 to January 22, 1974 Gray Water Ox
1985 – February 20 to February 8, 1986 Blue Wood Ox
1997 – February 7 to January 27, 1998 Purple Fire Ox
2009 – January 26 to February 13, 2010 Gold Earth Ox
2021 – February 12 to January 31, 2022 Silver Metal Ox

Hours of the Ox are 1 am – 3 am


Ox in Love

In relationships, Ox is most compatible with another Ox, Phoenix (Rooster), or Snake. Rat is also compatible. Sheep is least compatible. Questions? Schedule your personal horoscope with Susan Levitt for your Chinese Four Pillars chart plus your complete Western chart.


Ox in 2024 Dragon Year

Dragon’s boldness can inspire you to be the best Ox you can be, so enjoy life this year. But keep boundaries whereby your steadiness is respected in a Dragon year. Your best months are January, May, September, and December. Your best season is winter.


Ox Personality

Steady, loyal, and true Ox values honesty, integrity of character, and reward from hard work. Ox is a builder! Like an Ox plowing the fields, Ox firmly perseveres and is not swayed by other people’s opinions. Rarely does Ox make an effort to seek social connections to achieve success. Ox believes that if she applies herself and performs, she will be recognized and rewarded.

But in today’s work environment, where advancement often depends on how you sell yourself, Ox may have to wait a long time for her just rewards. In this circumstance, the Ox individual can feel under appreciated. But Ox must not become bitter and frustrated because of this, and don’t allow the Ox temperament to do even more damage to hinder success.

In relationships, Ox is a good provider. It is better for Ox to be pursued than to be the hunter in selecting a mate. The surprises and thrills of romance may not be Ox’s forte because she may not be overtly romantic. Nor is the Ox the first to try new things, set trends, or take the initiative. Ox is home oriented and appreciates both a secure home and work environment.


Ox Year

The year of the Ox is time for hard work, duty, and responsibility. Success is attained through diligent work and conscientious effort. Begin by putting your affairs in order, especially your home. Stick to routine, tried-and-true methods and conservative actions. Wild, new concepts will not be well received. Save them for the following Tiger year. Ox year is not a time for laziness. Everyone is expected to work and contribute. But if we refrain from rebelling, follow the rules, and obey authorities, there can be a rewarding harvest. Expect conservative politics.


Tao Te Ching verse for Ox

What is rooted is easy to nourish.
What is recent is easy to correct.
What is brittle is easy to break.
What is small is easy to scatter.
Prevent trouble before it arises.
Put things in order before they exist.
The giant pine tree grows from a tiny sprout.
The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath your feet.
Rushing into action you fail.
Trying to grasp things you lose them.
Forcing a project to completion you ruin what was almost ripe.
Therefore the master takes action by letting things take their course.
He remains as calm at the end as at the beginning.
He has nothing thus he has nothing to lose.
What he desires is non-desire. What he learns is to unlearn.
He simply reminds people of who they have always been.
He cares about nothing but the Tao. Thus he can care for all things.