Rabbit (Hare, Cat)

RABBIT (Hare, Cat)

Rabbit keywords: Friendliness, diplomacy, sensitivity & adaptability.
Rabbit correlates to the Western sign Pisces.

Rabbit Lunar Calendar

1903 – January 29 to February 15, 1904 Gray Water Hare
1915 – February 14 to February 2, 1916 Blue Wood Hare
1927 – February 2 to January 22, 1928 Purple Fire Hare
1939 – February 19 to February 7, 1940 Gold Earth Hare
1951 – February 6 to January 26, 1952 Silver Metal Hare
1963 – January 25 to February 12, 1964 Gray Water Hare
1975 – February 11 to January 39, 1976 Blue Wood Hare
1987 – January 29 to February 16, 1988 Purple Fire Hare
1999 – February 16 to February 4, 2000 Gold Earth Hare
2011 – February 2 to January 22, 2012 Silver Metal Hare
2023 – January 22 to February 9, 2024 Gray Water Hare

Hours of the Rabbit are 5 am – 7 am.

Rabbit in Love

In relationships, Rabbit is most compatible with another Rabbit, Sheep, or Pig. Dog is also compatible. Phoenix (Rooster) is least compatible. Your best months are March, July, October, and November. Spring is your best season.

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Rabbit Personality

The person born in Rabbit year is even-tempered, well-mannered, amiable, friendly, sensitive, and artistic. Rabbit’s harmonizing energy and diplomatic ability makes her welcome in social circles. Rabbit longs for companionship and dislikes being alone, so she adapts easily to any environment and makes efforts to conform. Rabbit is keenly perceptive and can sense danger in any situation. She quickly takes action to protect herself, ready to escape whenever a predator approaches. Rabbit is not a fighter; she would rather flee than confront conflicts.

Rabbit’s peaceful nature makes her a great team player who rarely pursues personal glory at the expense of her peers. Rabbit does not want to make enemies and goes out of her way to avoid arguments and conflicts. Rabbit strives to maintain a harmonious work and home environment where she is comfortable. Rabbit prefers not to fight for social or political causes, and is content to enjoy the peace and quiet of the little charmed circle that gentle Rabbit creates. When it comes to affairs of the heart, both male and female Rabbits are extremely romantic. In Chinese mythology, Rabbit is a symbol of longevity. Rabbit is an alchemist and shaman who lives on the Moon.

Rabbit Year

The year of the Rabbit is a time of peace, calm, leisure, and rest after the chaos of the previous Tiger year. People enjoy the arts, gourmet food, and luxuries. Money can be made easily, but it is spent easily. The Dragon year that follows Rabbit will be a high energy and exciting time, so enjoy Rabbit year as an opportunity for relaxation, pleasure, family gatherings, entertainment, and comfortable travel. Expect political compromise and diplomatic peace-making on a global level.

Tao Te Ching verse for Rabbit

If you want to shrink something you must first allow it to expand.
If you want to get rid of something you must first allow it to flourish.
If you want to take something you must first allow it to be given.
This is called the subtle perception of the way things are.
The soft overcomes the hard. The slow overcomes the fast.
Let your workings remain a mystery. Just show people the results.