Rat (Mouse)

RAT (Mouse)

Rat keywords: Quick mind, good bargainer & natural charmer.
Rat correlates to the western sign Sagittarius.

Birth years of the Rat: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020.
Next year of the Rat is 2032.

Rat Lunar Calendar

1900 – January 31 to February 18, 1901 White Metal Rat
1912 – February 18 to February 5, 1913 Black Water Rat
1924 – February 5 to January 24, 1925 Green Wood Rat
1936 – January 24 to February 10, 1937 Red Fire Rat
1948 – February 10 to January 28, 1949 Yellow Earth Rat
1960 – January 28 to February 14, 1961 White Metal Rat
1972 – February 15 to February 1, 1973 Black Water Rat
1984 – February 2 to February 18, 1985 Green Wood Rat
1996 – February 19 to February 5, 1997 Red Fire Rat
2008 – February 6 to January 25, 2009 Yellow Earth Rat
2020 – January 25 to February 11, 2021 White Metal Rat

Hours of the Rat are 11 pm – 1 am.


Rat in Love

In relationships, Rat is most compatible with another Rat, Dragon, or Monkey. Ox is also compatible. Horse is least compatible. Schedule your personal horoscope with Susan Levitt for your Chinese Four Pillars chart plus your complete Western chart.

Rat in 2024 Dragon Year

Dragon year 2024 is your lucky year, the best year for you to get married, have a baby, launch a business, find a spiritual path, or make a big move. Time to put your plans in action. Your best months are January, April, August, and December. Your best season is winter.

Rat Personality

Rat is the force of creativity. The person born in a Rat year is clever, sharp, humorous, creative, industrious, curious, witty, optimistic, yet frugal. The Rat individual is very observant, quick to take action, and popular in social circles. Rat’s charm and quick wit often wins admiration wherever they go. Rat can easily adapt to different environments and can survive against all odds.

Rat is very instinctive, and relies on instinct and cleverness to succeed. They can pinch pennies and are great bargainers. But Rat must not ignore logic and reality to become caught up in an unrealistic rat trap. Because Rat is so intelligent, his/her racing mind can create an illogical maze. Sometimes Rat’s active mind is like a rodent on a treadmill, endlessly running but going nowhere. At these times, Rat must avoid the negative traits of being sly, secretive, critical, and judgmental of others. Rat can create internal stress with worries and frets, especially about health.

Since Rat is a nocturnal animal, s/he often enjoys working at night during the quiet hours. But staying up all night can cause health problems. Yet Rat loves to stay up until the wee hours, for that is Rat’s creative time. Rat has a natural talent for the arts, especially writing.


The Year of the Rat

Rat year begins a new 12 year cycle for everyone, not just Rats, because Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac. Expect a powerful year when people are firm about their goals, passions, and aspirations.

Anticipate fluctuation in world economies, but it is still an opportune time to start a business, buy property, invest in long-term plans, or accumulate wealth. Ventures begun in Rat year will prosper, but only if well prepared. It is not a time for risks. Save those for Tiger, Dragon, Horse, or Monkey years. Rat loves the pack, so Rat year is also a time for socializing, networking, and entertaining.


Tao Te Ching verse for Rat

Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill.
Stretch a bow to the fullest and you’ll wish you stopped in time.
Keep sharpening your knife and soon it becomes blunt.
When bronze and jade fill your hall it can no longer be guarded.
Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.
Do your work then step back, the path to serenity.