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Feng Shui for Pig Year 2019

Feng shui is one of the eight limbs of Chinese medicine. A balanced environment facilitates healing, instead of a chaotic or messy environment. A calm, peaceful environment helps to rest, relax, and restore our vital energies.

All eight limbs of traditional Chinese medicine work together to create good health: feng shui, astrology, herbology, exercise (tai chi, chi kung), meditation, diet, massage, and acupuncture.

Taoist-Feng-Shui-imageThere are many styles of feng shui. All can be used to provide interior design solutions and decorating ideas to transform your home or business. I use my decades of direct experience with feng shui as well my deep knowledge of astrology to inform your consultation. I offer different styles of feng shui depending upon your interests and needs:

  • Taoist Five Elements
  • Landform
  • Ba-Gua Map
  • Compass (more popular in Europe)
  • Energy Clearing and Balancing



To schedule your feng shui consultation, click “Add to Cart” below and follow the checkout process. Then I will contact you to schedule our time together. 

Feng shui consultations are $350 per hour, and are in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area, or by iPhone using your cell phone camera. Contact to schedule.

Feng Shui Consultation: $185 half hour.
This is for a work cubicle, one room studio, before you move to know where to place furniture when you unpack, or before you move to determine what to take with you.
Feng Shui Consultation: $350 per hour.
Two hour minimum outside San Francisco for on-site consultation plus transportation.
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5 elements brightI am passionate about this work, and have taught graduate-level courses in feng shui at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I also have a strong background in art and design and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a degree in Asian Studies specializing in Chinese and Japanese literature. I became a certified feng shui practitioner in 1997 and learned Black Hat feng shui under Lin Yun Rinpoche, Ho Lynn Tu, and Seann Xenja. I also learned landform feng shui and celestial feng shui with Taoist monk Liu Ming of Da Yuan Circle.

Teen Feng Shui by Susan LevitttMy book Taoist Astrology was published in many languages, so my publisher asked me to write the companion book Taoist Feng Shui. This was followed by a book for young readers titled Teen Feng Shui.

I enjoy doing feng shui consultations in the intimacy of people’s homes, as well as the feng shui consultations for corporations including the San Francisco SPCA, EA Electronic Arts, and Club One.