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Thank you for your interest in tarot!

I love tarot cards. In 1972 I started reading tarot cards, and became a professional tarot reader in 1986. My business spread by word of mouth, and is still going strong.

After years of teaching tarot, my class notes became the book INTRODUCTION TO TAROT that’s included in my THE COMPLETE TAROT KIT. You can learn to read tarot cards with my tarot book and kit!

My tarot readings are in person in San Francisco CA, by phone at 415.642.8019, or by email at susan@susanlevitt.com. If you’re very busy, I can make a voice recording of your tarot reading that I’ll email for you to listen when you have the time.


The fee is $175 and includes a medicine card for guidance from animals, an angel card for inspiration. I can send a voice recording in an email if you’d like your tarot reading recorded. Plan one hour for your tarot card reading.

Click “Add to Cart” below to follow the checkout process. Send me an email susan@susanlevitt.com, and I’ll email you too at the email address on your payment, to schedule your tarot card reading.



If you have questions about how to follow the directions during the payment procedure, call Paypal at 1-888-221-1161.

Tarot Consultation: $175
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Once you’ve scheduled your tarot reading, please prepare 3 questions (or topics) for the cards. Tarot can be quite specific, so multiple choice questions are fine. Your questions can be on any topics that are important to you – from the most spiritual and esoteric to the most material and mundane.

The most-asked question is about relationship dynamics., because tarot is such an excellent tool to shed light on questions concerning relationships, relationships of all kinds, especially a lover, spouse, family member or co-worker. The pictures on the cards tell how and why we interact with others: is this a karmic relationship? Why are we together? What is our future together?

Another popular question is about career choices. This is a serious question because it affects how we spend most of our waking hours. Career questions often answer money questions because a main source of income is often through work. 

The third question is usually about health, or the best place to live. Tarot can get quite specific: where to go on holiday, best schools for children, what to select for a college major, questions about pets, information about relatives, connection to those who have died, or questions about one’s spiritual path. Or whatever arises to be answered or examined.

Read the testimonials from past readings. My clients have been with me for decades because the guidance I see in the cards is insightful and inspiring, yet realistic. 



You can learn to read tarot cards for yourself and others!

Class text is my book Introduction to Tarot
If you have tarot cards, bring them to your class.    

If you don’t have cards, purchase The Complete Tarot Kit  that includes the book Introduction to Tarot plus two tarot decks!

In the first private class you will learn:

  • The structure of tarot
  • Your soul card and signifier card
  • How to identify the 22 major arcana, 40 minor arcana, and 16 court cards
  • How to shuffle and cut the cards
  • How to do a three card spread

Contact me to schedule a private class. The fee is $200 per hour. Private classes are in San Francisco or by phone.

Private class fee is $200.

Private Lesson: $200
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