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TAOIST FENG SHUI by Susan Levitt

Feng shui is one of the eight limbs of Chinese medicine. All eight limbs of Chinese medicine work together to create good health: Feng Shui, astrology, herbology, exercise (tai chi, chi kung), meditation, diet, massage, and acupuncture.

The art and science of Feng Shui can create a balanced, peaceful, and nurturing environment to heal, relax, and restore our vital energies.

My focus is applying Five Elements theory to your environment. I have a background in Landform, Ba-Gua Map, and Compass styles of Feng Shui, but start with Five Elements.

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Feng shui consultations are $350 per hour or $185 per half hour in San Francisco CA, or by phone 415.642.8019 with photos or videos sent by email to susan@susanlevitt.com.

If purchasing property, email the real estate listing. Contact me to schedule.

Feng Shui Consultation: $185 half hour.
This is for a work cubicle, one room studio, before you move to know where to place furniture when you unpack, or before you move to determine what to take with you.
Feng Shui Consultation: $350 per hour.
Two hour minimum outside San Francisco for on-site consultation.
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You do not need a background in Feng Shui for us to work together. But if you’d like to prepare, read my book Taoist Feng Shui published in 2000. If you are an acupuncturist or have a background in TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will immediately recognize the Five Elements cycles. If this is new to you, reread the first 36 pages. Once you understand the basics, you can apply Five Elements theory for all aspects of healing.

My publisher asked me to write a Feng Shui book after my first book Taoist Astrology was well received. Originally published in 1997, Taoist Astrology is the first Four Pillars book in English, and is published in several languages. It is based on Five Element theory but applied to astrology not Feng Shui.

Taoist Feng Shui was popular so my publisher requested that I write a Feng Shui book for young readers. In 2003 Teen Feng Shui was published. I idea was for young people to apply Feng Shui principles of art and balance to their bedroom and home.

Teen Feng Shui is published in several languages. Over the years, adults tell me that they used this book for Feng Shui simplified! They applied the information to their home office or studio apartment.


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