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When selecting a fortunate date for a wedding, people often ask me if it is unfavorable to get married during a Mercury retrograde. The planet Mercury is retrograde for three weeks three times a year, and now Mercury is retrograde in Cancer from June 26 through July 20. The final Mercury retrograde in 2013 will be in Scorpio from October 21 through November 10.

It’s fine to get married during a Mercury retrograde because love and marriage are not particularly mercurial. But if people are traveling to your wedding during a Mercury retrograde cycle, consider adding an extra day for travel. Make sure that no one flies or drives on the day of the wedding, but instead arrives a day early to avoid Mercury retrograde problems such as flight delays, lost luggage, driving hours out of your way, or here in the the Bay Area where most weddings are in the wine country — showing up at the wrong winery!

Yesterday on the day of the Mercury retrograde was the defeat of DOMA (defense of marriage act) and of Proposition 8 (Prop hate). Finally gay liberation won! So if planning a wedding or getting married during this June and July Mercury retrograde take the time to be very thorough, don’t get upset if details are miscommunicated like the type of flowers or clothing measurements, and especially double check travel details to and from your wedding destination. Good luck!



  1. Hello my fiance and I are planned to have our wedding on April 20,2019 the day after mercury retrograde is completely over do u think that is risky?

    • Dear Tamira,

      Congratulations on your engagement and wedding plans!
      Don’t worry about Mercury retrograde because a wedding is not specifically mercurial.
      Weddings are ruled by VENUS, not Mercury, so it is more important that Venus is not retrograde.

      But your wedding guests are TRAVELING to your wedding, and the last days of preparation, are during Mercury retrograde.
      So allow for more time for guests to get to the location.
      For example, if flying in, then plan to arrive the previous night, not the day of.

      And recheck with caterers and others to be sure all i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed.
      If you don’t want to do this as the bride, find someone who likes details and lists.

      Good luck,

  2. Dear Susan,
    I am getting married on July 28, 2018. I happens to be not only when Mercury goes into retrograde (which I’m not too worried about) but also right after the full blood moon and fun lunar eclipse. Im curious what your astrological thoughts are on all the events? Thanks!

  3. Dear Susan,
    My fiancĂ© and I and planning to get married on 22.02.2020 but came to realise now that it is 5 days into mercer retrograde. What are your thoughts on this? We really want to keep the ‘master number’ 22 and having the ‘Angel number’ 2020 but worried about mercury retrograde. Help

  4. Hi-
    My husband and I got married in the Caribbean but want a state license. I scheduled it for May 29th, with Mercury retro. Is this ok?

    • Marriage during Mercury retrograde can be fine. What you want to avoid is Venus retrograde. Venus rules marriage, and is the planet named after the Goddess of love, art, and beauty. Fortunately, Venus is not retrograde.

      But Mercury is. So give yourself more time for travel. Be sure that if any friends or family members are traveling too, that they have all their tickets and know exact addresses and where to go. Follow up on details, and keep in touch with the licensing bureau.
      Mercury retrograde is not a problem for the quality of your relationship. But it is a time to be more aware of details, schedule extra time, and not plan to arrive there in the morning for an afternoon wedding.

      Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! If you have a child, we can do their birth chart. It’s nice to do astrology charts for a newborn to guide them as they grow.

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