Autumn 2014 Astrological Influences

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Thursday October 23, 2014 is a new Moon eclipse in Scorpio at 2:57 pm PT that sets the tone for this entire lunar month. Scorpio is a deep-feeling Water sign ruled by powerful Mars and Pluto. Scorpios are naturally psychic and intuitive, and attracted to the shamanic and otherworldly realms.

Sun, new Moon, and Venus are all in Scorpio for love, art, and creativity. New friends and contacts are fortunate to expand your circle. Sun, new Moon, and Venus make a fortunate trine with Neptune in Water sign Pisces bringing idealism, a strong sense of intuition, and increased empathy. There is interest in understanding the deeper aspects of life. Sun, new Moon, and Venus sextile Mars for courage and strength of your convictions. The eclipse adds intensity to feelings and convictions. To understand how these ongoing transits will influence your life, call me at 415.642.8019 or email to schedule your astrology consultation.


This new Moon begins the second consecutive Wood Dog month in 2014. Wood Dog months are extremely auspicious in this Wood Horse year because Dog and Horse are best friends. Wood represents growth and expansion so luck is with you for accomplishments and new endeavors. Keep in mind that under the influence of no-nonsense Dog, honesty and integrity are most important. What is put into action now during these October eclipses comes to fruition at Spring Equinox in Wood Sheep year 2015.


Saturday October 25 communication planet Mercury is no longer retrograde and goes direct. But Mercury is opposite Uranus and squares Pluto that could bring scattered or compulsive energy. You might still experience the Mercury retrograde influence until the next new Moon on November 22 that begins festive Wood Pig month.

pumpkin headHALLOWEEN

Friday October 31 marks the mid-point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. Children are the continuation of life so time for rewards with tricks and treats! Halloween weekend will be lots of fun this year. Sun continues to conjunct Venus, and Moon opposes Jupiter, that’s ideal for a party! Mars conjuncts Pluto that can be disruptive so stay safe and drive carefully.

Happy new Moon,

Susan Levitt

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