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Taoist Astrology by Susan LevittHighlights this week are a fortunate grand trine on Monday; honest double Dog Tuesday; and the Sun, Venus, and Saturn conjunction continues all week.

Mon Nov 10 is Wood PHOENIX (Rooster) day. Moon, Mercury, and Neptune create a very fortunate grand trine today. Can communicate feelings and insights, plus good for planning and seeing the big picture. Sun conjuncts Venus and Saturn all week bringing progress in relationships and increased creativity. Yet serious and no-nonsense with the influence of Saturn. Mars conjunct Pluto continues that could be disruptive. Instead, use Mars energy for action and ambition. Phoenix day luck strong for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake. Phoenix hours 5 – 7 pm.

Tues Nov 11 is double DOG: Fire DOG day in Wood DOG month. Dog days are very fortunate in this Dog month and Horse year. Moon trines Sun and Venus for a pleasant day and harmony in relationships. But Moon squares Uranus, and is opposite the conjunction of Mars and Pluto. Easy to race to wrong conclusion, or understand events in extremes of black or white. And Fire Dog can be very passionate about a cause. Double Dog day luck strong for Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse. Dog hours 7 – 9 pm.

Wed Nov 12 is Fire PIG day. Moon trines the Venus and Saturn conjunction for love of life, warm feelings, and a mid-week celebration! Strive for a touch of romance tonight. Uranus continues to square the Mars and Pluto conjunction so be the peacemaker not the agitator under the influence of gentle Pig. Allow everyone to win. Pig day luck strong for Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep. Pig hours 9 – 11 pm.

Thurs Nov 13 is Earth RAT day. Moon trines Uranus to change your routine and find new ways of expression. An excellent day for problem solving and creating solutions. Jupiter squares the Sun, Venus, and Saturn conjunction. But these are lucky squares due to the influence of Jupiter so good to expand your circle and network. Mercury trines Neptune bringing sensitivity to your surroundings that’s good for feng shui adjustments. Rat day luck strong for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and Monkey. Rat hours 11 pm – 1 am.

Fri Nov 14 is Earth OX day. Now is the last quarter Moon, the waning half Moon, a time for balance. Moon conjuncts Jupiter for generosity and caring for others. It’s easier to stay grounded and not be
swept away by confusion, especially on this solid Earth Ox day. The Moon and Jupiter conjunction squares the big Sun, Venus, and Saturn conjunction. But these are fortunate squares due to the influence of Jupiter. There can be healing in relationships. Ox day luck strong for Ox, Rat, Snake, and Phoenix (Rooster). Ox hours 1 am – 3 am.

Sat Nov 15 is Metal TIGER (white Tiger) day. Tiger day in Dog month and Horse year is fortunate because Tiger, Dog, and Horse create a relationship harmony trine. Neptune goes direct, is no longer retrograde, so easier to follow your intuition and listen to messages in dreams. Mercury trines Neptune for increased sensitivity, and are able to understand subtle communication. But the Moon is opposite Neptune that can  bring strange moods so keep your temper in check on a Tiger day. Tiger day luck strong for Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig. Tiger hours 3 am – 5 am.

Sun Nov 16 is Metal RABBIT (white Rabbit) day. Moon trines Mars and Pluto for more courage and power in your activities. People are more confidence and less insecure. This is very helpful for gentle Rabbit.   Mercury sextiles Pluto to solve difficult challenges and see the depth of issues. Also good for research and fact finding. Rabbit day luck strong for Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, and Pig. Rabbit hours 5 – 7 am.

Good luck and have a great week,

Susan Levitt

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