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In the We’Moon lunar calendar is an excerpt from one of my poems for the week of June 22 2020. The original poem included a stanza about a parrot, hence the title.
The art with my poem is by ancestress Rebecca Tidewalker. It’s synchronicity that the woman looks like me, and I even wear a beret. People thought I posed for her!

In a dream
I rested at a mermaid statue
and saw her chin move.
She held an old Book of Shadows.
“Sagittarius on the midheaven
means good fortune,”
she read from the blackened pages.
I dared not argue.
After a time I thought to ask
what was I in a past life?
“Observe your present circumstance.”
Who will I be in the next life?
“Observe your present actions.”


  1. That is beautiful, and astute of you to ask about past and present.

  2. I love this poem. I wonder where one might find a Book of Shadows? I bet Powells Books has one. They have everything.

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