A Ghost in San Francisco

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A woman who is a sensitive and a tarot client of many years sent me an email about what I sensed was a ghost in her home. Yes, a ghost in San Francisco! There will be more sensing of spirits during this Water Tiger year due to the shamanistic qualities of the Tiger, especially the Water Tiger.

Here is her letter, followed by my advice on what to do should you have a similar experience. Plus the Sun is conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces today, a time of increased intuition and empathy, and good for info about the supernatural and other worldly.

“I wanted to get your advice regarding strange things happening at home and I’m starting to get worried.

It started happening about a month ago. My husband and I were in different parts of the house, it was daytime and all of the sudden we heard a strong noise of glass breaking, like someone had thrown plates to the floor. I asked my husband Dan if he had thrown plates or something and he said no. Then he also asked me the same question and I told him I was in the bathroom. We went to the kitchen and we saw a lot of broken glass in the floor from a vase that was on top of the kitchen counter next to the wall and now it was on the floor broken into a million pieces. It seemed like someone had thrown it on the floor in purpose. It was very strange.

A few days later I had a few walnuts wrapped up in tinfoil next to me on top of a small table. All of a sudden they were thrown to the floor. I was surprised because they were not next to the edge of the table to naturally slide down to the floor, and there was no wind inside the house so I found it a bit strange because it felt they were thrown on purpose but I dismissed it.

A few nights ago it was around 3:00 am and I couldn’t sleep so I went to the living room to watch a bit of TV because I was feeling restless. All of a sudden I heard very loud voices coming from the other TV on the other side of the house. So I went to check the room and the sound on that TV was at full volume but no images where on the TV. I turned the sound down to silence it, I was a bit shaken for a bit, so I put on a funny movie until I fell back to sleep.

Last night in our bedroom one of the heavy dumbbells my husband has on top of an exercise bench felt to the floor in the middle of the night. Strange… I don’t think it was an earthquake in our bedroom.

I’m very sensitive to smells and at night sometimes I smell a weird smell while I’m falling sleep and I need to spray lavender or other air freshener.

A few Saturday’s ago during the day at home in the living room I had a very strong urge to close my eyes and sleep. My eyes weighted a ton and I slept most of the day. I found it very strange that all of a sudden the following day at around 8 pm I felt the same strong weight in my eyes, that I needed to close them and sleep for a while. It may be because I was very tired or I need iron? Lately my eyes hurt a lot, maybe because of working long hours on the computer.

I’m trying not to think about it and not to show fear. But next week Dan is going on a trip for a few days and I’m afraid to be alone. I’ve never been afraid to be alone before but I’m afraid now. Do you think I’m overreacting?”

My reply is you are not overreacting!

1. First, do a fast housekeeping for about 15 minutes to 1/2 hour with your husband. Change the bed linens, take out garbage, dust the furniture, vacuum the rugs, wipe the floors, and tidy up any clutter. Move things like boxes if they’re sitting around, pare down, and keep the weights stored on the floor for now. Clear out junk or clutter for spring cleaning right now.

2. Get a sage smudge stick. Or you can use dried rosemary from your kitchen if you don’t have sage. You can even use dried bay leaves. Crack open the windows about an inch or two, or more if you feel like it and there’s not a cold wind. Then light the dried sage (or other herb, but I recommend sage) and smudge your home. Go through each room from corner to corner with the lit sage.

While you smudge, say out loud, “Move on to progression.” Repeat that a few times. Then play spiritual music or fun light music that you in your husband like. Maybe you and he can dance around to fill up your space with your good energy together.

3. Since you have sprayed a nice scent, after you smudge then spray again in the corners of each room and in areas where you felt weird energy. Say “Move on to progression” while spraying. You and your husband then watch a nice movie together, or have a nice dinner, but under no circumstance do you fight or argue.
Also do not have sex for the next night or two. Just be very kind with each other.

4. If you wake up and watch a movie, be sure it’s a light comedy, leave some lights on, and sip water to not be thirsty. And stay warm. If you sense this weird energy again, such as flickering lights or changing TV volume, then turn off the TV, play spiritual or soothing new age music, crack the window, and smudge right at that place.

5. When you go to bed tonight, visualize you, hubby, and the apartment in white light.

So get a sage smudge stick today if you don’t already have one, or use the kitchen herb if you have it. Just be sure that you do not make too much smoke so that your fire alarm goes off! Do all of this while it’s still light out before sunset.

And spray your organic water sprays, not not some chemical air freshener. You can even make healing waters. You’re Catholic so can get holy water from the Catholic church closest to you and use that. Remember to firmly say, “Move on to progression” while spraying.

Let me know how it goes. I can always do a half hour Feng Shui consultation at your apartment if you want more support with this. But do all these steps first. Move on to progression is the goal.

Good luck,

I’m happy to let you know that the above steps were taken, and there is no more strange energy in her home!

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