Summer Solstice

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SUMMER SOLSTICE: The Sun is a Woman

Tuesday June 21 at 10:16 AM PDT is Summer Solstice, the longest day in the northern hemisphere. The Sun enters CANCER and marks the beginning of summer. The powers of nature are at their peak. Let the fiery Sun burn away all that is unwanted, all that is no longer useful. Feast on fresh fruits and give thanks for the abundance of Mother Earth in her fullness.

Tonight, bathe with midsummer herbs of lavender, chamomile, and mint. Write down your midsummer night’s dream; it may hold symbolic clues or answers. If you wish, light a white or red candle to celebrate the light of the Sun. Bring a bouquet of fresh summer flowers into your home to add brightness. Happy summer, my favorite season!

In astrology, the Sun is considered masculine, and the Moon is considered feminine. Sun as man is symbolized by ancient Sun gods such as Ra in Egypt and Apollo in Greece. But there are many female Sun goddesses of antiquity: Bast, Sekmet, and Hathor (Egypt), Brigid and Etain (Ireland), Bila (Australia), Shamshu and Shapash (Arabia), Aditi (India), and Sul (English, worshiped at Silbury Hill).

Sun Goddesses whose emergence from a dark cave is part of their mystery are Omikami Amaterasu (Japan) and Paivatar (Finland). Sun goddesses who triumphed over adversity are Bila (Australia), Hae-Sun (Korea), Olwen (Wales), and Tach-I (Louisianan Tunica). Sun Goddesses who travel across the sky are Xatel-Ekwa (Hungary), Wuriupranili and Walo (Australia), Sunna (Scandinavia and Germany) and Saule (Lithuania and Latvia).

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