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October 5 2017 is the annual harvest full Moon, the full Moon closest to Autumn Equinox. This full Moon is in Fire sign Aries. People can be more adventuresome and bold under the influence of fiery, action-oriented Aries. Harvest Moon is time to harvest, or finish projects.  But pace yourself. Fine if some projects take all winter to complete. Contact me for your tarot card reading for guidance and insights about career choices, your astrology forecast for fortunate dates to take action, or your feng shui consultation to empower your environment this autumn. The Sun, Mercury, and...

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  Every morning I select a tarot card for my day. I post it on Facebook and Twitter (#tarot_tweet) to share my card and inspire others to start picking their daily tarot card too. Or they can just follow along with my card. My tarot card today is THE DEVIL #15. It means confusion, deceit, and wool over the eyes — especially on this Sheep day. THE DEVIL is also a Saturn card of time; taking more time, needing more time. It’s of the element Earth and astrology sign Capricorn. A woman replied to my Facebook post and asked for more info on The Devil, and wondered if it’s...

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June 10 – 16, 2013 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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June 10 – 16, 2013  The Week in Chinese Astrology

Highlights this week are a creative Fire Sheep day on Monday to start the week, a fortunate Metal Dog day on Thursday, and good fortune continues on a Water Pig day on Friday for socializing and enjoying life! Monday June 10 is an inspired, creative Fire Sheep day on the crescent Moon. The Moon blends with Mercury and Venus for empathetic and kind communication, and artistic self expression brings results. Venus trines Saturn and Neptune for romance and appreciation of beauty. An excellent day for feng shui enhancements to your home and office, especially if you add the lucky springtime...

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NEW MOON IN GEMINI Saturday June 8 at 8:56 am PDT is a new Moon in the lively, mercurial Air sign Gemini. Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are all in fun-loving Gemini so time to enjoy life, socialize with family and friends, engage in outdoor activities, and anticipate good luck and good fortune. Life can flow more easily and relationships are much better because on this new Moon there is a grand trine of Venus, Saturn, and Neptune. Now is an ideal time for travel — long trips or short jaunts — before Mercury goes retrograde on June 26. EARTH HORSE MONTH This new Moon starts the...

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June 3 – 9, 2013 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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June 3 – 9, 2013  The Week in Chinese Astrology

Highlights this week are a double Snake day on Saturday when a new Moon at 8:56 am PDT begins the month of the Earth Horse, and Sunday is a double Horse day for action and adventure. Mon June 3 is a fortunate Metal Rat (white Rat) day that is superb for communication. Mercury makes a very fortunate grand trine with both Saturn and Neptune for practical application of inspirational thinking. Now is superb for setting goals and taking giant steps towards success. Time to think big and dream bigger yet still be realistic about your opportunities. Luck is strongest for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and...

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