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Water Dragon year started with a bang on February 23, 2012. Now is the time to follow your dream, make a big move, shoot for the stars — or at least keep up! Forward movement is key in this Dragon year. But do you get stuck thinking about the past? If past memories affect your ability to be present in the here and now, then it’s time for some Feng Shui tips to clear your energy so you can ride Dragon’s wave of transformation. And in changing economic times, now more than ever, it becomes clearer that nothing is permanent. But impermanence offers opportunities for growth, especially if you enhance your home and workplace with Feng Shui.


Dragon year could be your time to reexamine your career path, prioritize what is most important to you, and finally realize that life won’t wait. No more procrastinating. And that could mean a serious career change. No need to look to the past for what failed or didn’t work out. Instead, understand what was a success and what flowed easily. Building on your successes is how to create achievement in this Dragon year.To create career opportunities with Feng Shui, clean up the entrance of your home and office. In Feng Shui, the entry (the mouth of chi) is the area to embellish for career success. Really look at your entry, especially after the storms of winter. Wash the entire entry area if your entrance is dirty, add a new welcome mat, install a higher-watt bulb or an energy-saving light fixture if your entrance is dark, paint the front door if needed, remove any holiday decorations if they’re still up — you get the idea. If your front door creaks when opened, be sure to quiet that sound with a bit of oil worked into the door hinge. Even vegetable oil will do. Clear out the entrance foyer is you’ve accumulated any clutter, especially a coat rack full of winter coats and boots. Your entrance is not a fortunate storage area for clothing because the heavy garments block your entry.


Nostalgic about romance? 2012 is not the time to deeply review your past loves. Save that for retrospective Serpent year 2013. Instead, Dragon year energy pushes us forward. So no more pining for the past when direct action is the way to succeed in a Dragon year. If you want to find a sweetheart, this spring is the ideal time to go on a blind date, answer a few on-line ads, and attend more social events than you usually do. And dress the part! Dragon cares about image, and looks can count in a Dragon year. At least have fun playing with style and being open to change. If in a partnership, plan a second honeymoon and to focus more energy on your sweetheart by being very supportive of each other during this volatile Dragon year.To enhance your love luck with Feng Shui, embellish your relationship corner.  If you find yourself thinking of lost love, clean up the relationship corners in every room of your home. The relationship corner is located in the far right-hand corner from the entry of a room. Start in your bedroom. Clear out any clutter or mess that may have accumulated here. Needless clutter just blocks any relationship opportunity. This corner is ideal for a large round or oval mirror, a big bouquet of fresh flowers, a thriving flowering plant, or beautiful and inspiring art. Be sure your art does not depict violent or chaotic imagery, and no images of a solitary figure. Place objects in pairs in this corner, such as two candlesticks with white, red, or pink candles. The colors of love are red and pink, and burning candles is a lucky way to keep alive the flame of love. If partnered, this corner is the perfect place for a joyful picture of both of you together. Sudden love luck is for all in a Dragon year, and is especially strong for those born in Dragon, Rat, Monkey, Horse, Phoenix (Rooster), and Pig years. Good luck!

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