July 8 – 14 2013 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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Highlights this week are a new Moon at 4:44 am PDT on Monday that beings the month of the Earth Sheep, a magical Rabbit day on Friday, and a decisive double Snake Sunday!

14643996-a-vector-illustration-of-chinese-zodiac-signsMon July 8 is a new Moon at 4:44 am PDT that begins the month of the Earth Sheep. The Earth Sheep is the fortunate and blessed golden Sheep making this month a time for healing, nurturing, generosity, and for exploring art and creativity. The fortunate cycle of this new Moon is auspicious for everyone because we have a break from Snake year intensity. Today is an easy Wood Pig day. Pig, Sheep, and Rabbit are best friends because they all love peace and harmony. Luck is strongest for Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, and during Pig hours 9 pm – 11 pm.

Tues July 9 is a busy Fire Rat day when Moon blends with retrograde Mercury to see only your point of view. Fortunately Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in a grand trine bring ease and harmony. But Uranus squares and Pluto oppositions can be testy so calm down, especially a racing Rat mind, and not argue to gain power. Luck is strongest for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and Monkey, and during Rat hours 11 pm – 1 am.

Wed July 10 is a strong Fire Ox day that brings fortunate action because Mars joined the grand trine of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. Fortune connections occur and there are interesting opportunities, even during this Mercury retrograde. The Moon blends with Venus and trines Uranus for love, romance, and something exciting or different to creatively change stale routine. Luck is strongest for Ox, Rat, Snake, and Rooster and during Ox hours 1 am – 3 am.

Thurs July 11 is the grounded Earth Tiger day, the lucky yellow Tiger or gold Tiger. Planets in a grand trine continue for an easier flow in life that soothes Tiger’s temper. The Earth Tiger has the calmest temper of all Tigers due to the stabilizing Earth influence. The Moon sextiles Mars and Jupiter for leadership abilities to get the job done, and is good for creative group activities. Luck is strongest for Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig and during Tiger hours 3 am – 5 am.

Fri July 12 is a sensitive Earth Hare day that blends very well with the energy of this gentle Earth Sheep month. Enjoy the lovely things in life, have a good meal, and a walk in nature to reflect on summer beauty. Cultivate kindness and diplomacy in your interaction with others. Saturn trines Neptune for a new enlightened understanding of your world and those you love. An excellent time for spiritual experiences, divination, and to receive answers in dreams. Luck is strongest for Hare, Sheep, Dog, and Pig and during Hare hours 5 am – 7 am.

Sat July 13 is a dynamic Metal Dragon (white Dragon) day. Moon sextiles Sun for a balance of soft and hard to avoid draconic extremes. Mars blends with Jupiter for fortunate action. Ask and it is yours. Planets in a lucky grand trine help you accomplish goals, easily adapt to any situation, and find quick solutions. Dragon is fast so expect ups and downs today, but you can rest tomorrow. Luck is strongest for Dragon, Rat, Snake, and Monkey and during Dragon hours 7 am – 9 am.

Sun July 14 is a penetrating double Snake day, a Metal Snake day in this Water Snake year. Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn in a grand trine make is easier to shed skins of the past, and to take care of self and others. Feng shui enhancements to add beauty are recommended. Take the high road in your interactions because Moon squaring Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto can be upset in some circumstances. Coil up, contemplate, and meditate instead of striking or lashing out on this double Snake day. Luck is strongest for Snake, Ox, Monkey, and Phoenix and during Snake hours 9 am – 11 am.

Have a great week!

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