English Prince’s Animals and Stars

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crownCongrats to England’s royal family on the birth of Prince George. He was born on a full Moon. More people are born on full Moons than any other time because the strong lunar energy pulls out the baby.

His Chinese Four Pillars chart: year of the wise Water Snake, month of the artistic Earth Sheep, day of the steady Earth Ox, and hour of the wily Water Monkey. Never a dull moment with that Monkey!

Snake trines Ox. Sheep is opposite Ox. Snake good with Monkey. Wood is his lucky element so he’ll find healing and comfort in the forest.

He’s compatible with his Phoenix (Rooster) mother Kate. His Snake and Ox make a grand harmony trine with Kate’s Phoenix. He would be very compatible with his Ox grandmother Princess Diana if she was still alive. Prince William was born in Water Dog year, which is noble but not as strongly connected to any of his son’s animal signs.

The Prince will have a good life because he was born with a grand Water trine in his Western chart. This brings harmony, luck, and success. But he does have some Uranus action making him a bit of a rebel. And with his Scorpio rising, he’ll be a very sexual and interesting fellow!

I was asked to interpret the Prince’s fixed stars. He has Venus conjunct Regulus in Virgo, Mercury conjunct Sirius in Cancer, and Neptune conjunct Fomalhaut in Pisces.

All three conjunctions are fortunate!

Venus conjunct Regulus is perfect for a ROYAL. He’s a sexy Prince  and women will LOVE him. Artistic Venus is indicated in his Sheep month. The sign of your birth month influences childhood. (How you are in old age is influenced by your animal hour.)

He’ll HAVE to communicate and move around in the royal limelight with that dynamic Mercury conjunction. The biggest star Sirius empowers that to a massive degree, especially now in a media age. No Water Snake hide-out life for him.

Neptune conjunct Fomalhaut, the brightest star in Pisces, makes him deep. Born in Water Snake year, this matches his general nature and outlook. Plus his grand Water trine includes Neptune — all very lucky.

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