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chinese_zodiac_wheel_necklace-r156d32f74d804e9196fe716301029978_fkok9_8byvr_512THE WEEK IN CHINESE ASTROLOGY
June 30 – July 6, 2014

Highlights this week are communication planet Mercury goes direct on Tuesday (no longer retrograde), and a romance-filled weekend!

Mon June 30 is a Water MONKEY (black Monkey) day when anything can happen! Moon trines Uranus for a new routine, and Moon sextiles Mars for added energy and vitality. Sun trines Neptune to follow instincts and intuition. Plus good Mercury aspects for communication. But Moon squares Saturn, can feel lonely and blue. So keep yourself occupied on a Monkey day. Monkey day luck strong for Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake. Monkey hours 3 – 5 pm.

Tues July 1 is a Water PHOENIX (Rooster) day when communication planet Mercury goes direct after a three week retrograde. Communication will be easier now as Moon sextiles Mercury, and Mercury trines Mars. Sun trines Neptune and Saturn to start July with good luck. Sun also squares Uranus and is opposite Pluto so watch details and be thorough on a Phoenix day. Phoenix day luck strong for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake. Phoenix hours 5 – 7 pm.

Wed July 2 is a Wood DOG day. Dog days are fortunate in a Horse year. Moon, Venus and Neptune in a T-square so honesty and integrity are key in relationships. Deception can be exposed. Many lunar aspects so emotions are important, including Moon trine Pluto for depth of feelings. Dog day luck strong for Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse. Dog hours 7 – 9 pm.

Thurs July 3 is a Wood PIG day. Pig day is fortunate in this Sheep month. Moon squares Mercury when emotions override rational thought. Follow romantic feelings and appreciate partnerships. Venus squares Neptune so can be unrealistic with loved ones, or just see the best. Some big squares with outer planets so not a day to solve all problems. Pig day luck strong for Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep. Pig hours 9 – 11 pm.

Fri July 4 is a clever Fire RAT (red Rat) day that can be challenging. Sun opposite Pluto reaches a peak for power struggles with authority, maybe resulting in a new life direction. Sun also squares Uranus so easy to get upset. Instead of mulling over problems, enjoy fireworks on a Fire Rat day. Be social; Rat loves the pack. Mercury and Venus trine Mars for outdoor activities and good camaraderie. Sun trines Saturn to stay steady. Rat day luck strong for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and Monkey. Rat hours 11 pm – 1 am.

Sat July 5 is a Fire OX day and waxing half Moon, a time for balance. Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in a big square with many aspects to Mars. Use this Martian energy to stay strong. Good for athletic activity or a trip out of town. Just drive carefully and not be accident prone. Mercury and Venus trine Mars for some romance and enjoyment of life. Ox day luck strong for Ox, Rat, Snake, and Phoenix (Rooster). Ox hours 1 am – 3 am.

Sun July 6 is an Earth TIGER (yellow Tiger) day. Tiger days are fortune in a Horse year. Moon trines Mercury and squares Jupiter — reason enough for a party on a Tiger day! Venus sextiles Uranus for new friends and exciting adventures. But Moon conjuncts Mars so watch that Tiger temper. Sun still in a big square so don’t become frustrated by delays. They’ll clear up fast in Horse year. Tiger day luck is strong for Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig. Tiger hours 3 am – 5 am.

Good luck and have a great week,


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