New Moon, Solstice, and Happy Holidays!

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December 21 is a new Moon in Capricorn is at 5:36 pm PT. The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all in Earth sign Capricorn. Under the influence of no-nonsense Capricorn it’s best to be down to earth, realistic, practical. This planetary conjunction with Pluto brings a serious tone in relationships. Plus Mercury and Venus square Uranus so now is not the time for big change. Instead, build on the foundation you’ve already created.


This new Moon on Winter Solstice begins Fire Rat month. This can be problematic because cautious Rat is opposite Horse, and this is still active Horse year. But Fire Rat month brings the smarts, innovation, and know-how to plan your next steps.


Wood Sheep year begins on the new Moon of February 18, 2015. Please join me for my annual Chinese New Year talk at East West Books in Mountain View, CA on Saturday January 31 at 1 pm. Purchase your $19 ticket in advance by calling the bookstore at 650.988.9800 because last year my talk sold out.


Also on December 21 is Winter Solstice, the longest night in the northern hemisphere, at 3:03 pm PT. As the Sun returns tomorrow, a new cycle begins. Now is superb for feng shui improvements. Click here for feng shui tips for the holidays.


Christmas is on a double Horse day: Metal Horse day in this Wood Horse year when freedom is key. Astrologically speaking, Christmas day will be powerful. The Sun sextiles Neptune for charitable feelings and the desire to help others. Transformation planet Pluto still conjuncts the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. You can accomplish your goals by releasing the past and eliminating old patterns. Ideas and opinions can change when you converse with others, so be open to new ideas. And relationships dynamics become intensified as emotions are deeply felt, especially as the Moon enters sensitive Water sign Pisces.


New Years Eve will be wonderful this year! The Moon will be in sensual Earth sign Taurus, the best sign for the Moon. This beauty-loving Taurean Moon trines Mercury and Pluto for breakthrough conversations and encounters. Plus the Moon squares Jupiter, but it’s a good square due to the influence of beneficial Jupiter, for strong feelings, enjoying the company of others, and to be in touch with your emotions.

Happy new Moon,

Susan Levitt


  1. Thank you! Beautiful messages Susan! Enjoy the holiday season!

    • Thank you Henriette. And happy holidays to your and your family!

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