ORACLES or Luck of the Draw

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Happy new Moon! My tarot card today is the Wheel of Fortune #10, one of my favorite cards. It augers expansion, good luck, and growth. The astrological attribute is Jupiter, the planet of good fortune in astrology, the Santa Claus of the zodiac.

I’ve noticed over the decades how I get such good tarot cards. I think that’s because I love tarot! Years ago when I read rune stones, I kept getting the blank stone. So I made my own set of rune stones of porcelain clay, and sewed a red velvet bag to hold them, to personalize this oracle for me. The first rune stone I selected from my red bag was, of course, blank. 

The I-Ching is one of the greatest oracles in world history and literature. But years ago, for about a year I kept getting hexagram #22 Grace when I cast the I-Ching. Like the runes, this oracular tool was just not speaking to me.

So do not be discouraged if an oracle does not click with you. Try other ones! You will notice right away the parallels between all oracles, such as the blank rune correlates to The Fool in the tarot. Use the oracle that is easiest for you, and has the most natural flow when using it.

The three oracles I use are tarot, astrology, and the movement of (or communication from) animals, especially birds. Animal movement to the right means yes. Movement to the left means no. The left side is sinistra in Italian, or sinister in English. But no is not always bad. Sometimes it is the correct answer.

Astrology is not subjective because it is based on astronomy and calendrics. This evening really is a new Moon. If you look in the night sky, you will see planets in conjunction. Some of my astrology clients are tech engineers here in the Bay Area who only do astrology consultations with me because in their worldview astrology is based on science, whereas they consider tarot “the luck of the draw.”

I’m all for the luck of the draw, especially when the draw is the Wheel of Fortune!

Happy new Moon,



  1. You’re so right on it Susan! I love your discoveries, explanations and your down to earth communication. I love, love, love, your work!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words! I appreciate your support.

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