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A tarot student asked my advice about crystals. He purchased two amethyst crystals and a clear quartz. He lost one of the amethysts while out with a friend on Halloween weekend. Then during the first week of November, he misplaced the other two crystals. So he did a one-card reading about this, and pulled the Death card. He very rarely gets the Death card so was challenged about how to interpret this.

Because of the Death card, the crystals are gone and are not coming back. He won’t find them. But to let go and be respectful, he can psychically tell the crystals to be found by someone who appreciates them, or that they can be content where they landed. The Death card could also mean that he is just not a crystal guy. He can be supportive of just leaving crystals in the ground, not making them one more object of beauty we humans take from the earth because they benefit us.

If he gets another crystal, he can have an intuitive chat before he purchases it to see if the crystal wants to be with him, and be of service during tarot readings. Then take very good care of it! Maybe it’s not the best idea to take it out when socializing, or his next crystal can be in a ring or necklace so it’s worn on the body to enhance connection, and is easier to keep track of.

Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt

Crystals are highly evolved minerals and are very sensitive. Their sensitivity sets them apart from other rocks. Clear quartz brings clarity, and correlates to the 7th chakra also called the crown chakra. Amethyst crystal aids in opening the third eye to develop psychic vision, and correlates to the 6th chakra. Information about tarot and crystals is in my book Introduction To Tarot on pages 219, 220, and 221.

I understand why a student would want these tools for his tarot readings. But in this instance, the Death card prevailed and the crystals went their own way!

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