Final Mercury Retrograde in 2016

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HERMESHeads up that communication planet Mercury goes retrograde on December 19 2016 at 2:55 am PST for three weeks until January 8 2017. Mercury retrograde is time to rethink, redo, and restructure. This Mercury is retrograde is in Earth sign Capricorn. Due to the influence of practical Capricorn, this Mercury retrograde can be a good time to review personal and business finances.

Even though Mercury retrograde ends January 8, we still feel the Mercury retrograde influence until the next new Moon on January 27 starts a new life cycle. And this new Moon happens to be Chinese New Year, the year of the Fire Phoenix (Rooster). Phoenix year info.

If you’re feeling pressure during the Mercury retrograde cycle, try not to get scattered or race ahead of yourself during these final six weeks of Fire Monkey year. Allow extra time if traveling, and know that errors can be corrected at a later date. Phoenix year will be the time for lists and organizing so it’s OK if things are a bit loose during the tail of this Monkey year.

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