2021 Aries New Moon starts Dragon Month

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April 11 2021 at 7:31 pm PDT is a new Moon in Aries. Fire sign Aries is a brave pioneer who takes dynamic action. The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Aries for boldness, passion, and courage this lunar month. Energy is with you to make progress and open new doors.

The Aries new Moon and Sun make a harmonious sextile with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius. Mars brings strength and stamina to more easily focus on your health and wellbeing. Jupiter brings good fortune, and new opportunities to be effective. Your partnerships with others can yield positive outcomes, and all will learn from new experiences.

Venus trines Mars for love and romance this spring. This aspect is very favorable for relationships of all kinds, and is good for personal creativity. Your close relationships can deepen with increased appreciation, and new relationships can develop and blossom. Jupiter sextiles Venus that is agreeable for taking a vacation, or staycation due to Covid. It’s easier for you to be benevolent with others, and to be at peace with the world.

The new Moon, Sun, and Venus square Pluto in Capricorn. Relationships can become deeper and more profound. Your feelings can gain momentum; however be aware to avoid emotional power struggles. If you experience a relationship conflict, this lunar cycle can be time to mend it and to invoke healthy behaviors. Contact me for your tarot reading, astrology forecast, or feng shui consultation.

This new Moon begins the month of the Water Dragon, the black Dragon, when issues of power and control may arise. Dragon is considered to be very fortunate, and is the bearer of rain in springtime. The Water Dragon brings Water qualities of sensitivity, creativity, and sensuality. Anticipate that people will be more emotional this month. Just seeing friends after a year of restrictions can arouse deep feelings.

Dragon can be small as a silk worm or large enough to fill the entire sky. For the big picture, this Water Dragon month in this Ox year is ideal for home improvements, especially now when there are no planets in retrograde.

A feng Shui tip for Dragon month is to fix something both small and something big. Start by removing minor irritations such as a rug that slips in the hallway. Fixing small things can remove small irritations in life, and make room for the big things.

Happy new Moon,

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