S.F. Weekly: Best Astrologer – May 2002


SF Weekly, San Francisco CA


Before shelling out cash for your weekly visit with your shrink, consider booking an appointment with astrologist, tarot card reader, and feng shui consultant Susan Levitt instead: Her clients claim she could have saved them from years of therapy.

Unabashed in her enthusiasm for the metaphysical arts, Levitt is disarmingly welcoming. “People feel comfortable talking about their most private things and unclaimed issues they wish to transform,” she asserts.

The author of Taoist Astrology, Taoist Feng Shui, and the forthcoming Introduction to Tarot and Teen Feng Shui, Levitt is unique among astrologers because she specializes in both Eastern and Western schools of astrology and offers an array of services for the New Age customer, including feng shui home evaluations, face-to-face readings, and classes for beginners and advanced students.

“I hung up my shingle in the Bay Area in 1986,” she says proudly, and she hasn’t worked a day job since.

Though she believes her readings have changed her patrons’ lives in some significant way, Levitt doesn’t claim to be a soothsayer: “I’m just disseminating information,” she insists. “I give [my clients] insight into what makes them tick.”

Original at: SF Weekly, May 15th, 2002, p. 48.