Tarot Iconography and Book of Kells

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In the morning I often follow along w/ a PBS TV exercise show “Classical Stretch.” It’s just fluid stretching, which is perfect for a Pisces like me.

The next show is a travel program Burt Wolf Travels and Traditions, which I rarely watch but today was his trip was to Ireland so I check it out.

Literature was the topic for most of the show. Also featured was the Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin, with a close-up of the famous page with the four apostles of Jesus Christ in composite human and animal forms. And like most things Catholic, I thought HOW PAGAN!

Matthew is a winged man. In tarot this is the element AIR symbolized by SWORDS. In astrology this is the Air sign AQUARIUS.

Mark is a winged lion. In tarot this is the element FIRE symbolized by WANDS . In astrology this is the Fire sign LEO.

Luke is a winged bull. In tarot this is the element EARTH symbolized by PENTACLES. In astrology this is the Earth sign TAURUS.

John is a winged bird, an eagle. In tarot this is the element WATER symbolized by CUPS. In astrology this is the Water sign SCORPIO.

This elemental pattern is on the corners of the Tarot card THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE:

WHEEL of FORTUNE #10 Tarot Card

Symbols of these four elements are in the corners of the THE WORLD # 21 Tarot card n the Rider-Waite deck and THE UNIVERSE # 21 in the Crowley Thoth tarot deck:

THE WORLD # 21 Tarot Card

THE WORLD #21 Tarot Card


Animals & Angel represent the Four Elements

I like this French church in Arles (pictured above) with clear imagery of winged creatures representing the four apostles.

There’s so much more about Christianity overlaying pagan Goddess cultures, but this Book of Kells illumination keeps that magic. And the TV show narrator Burt Wolf seems like his totem is a the wolf. I’m a bird woman in general, a large white swan in particular. More on animals, the sacredness of animals in future blogs.

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