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Northern Lights in Norway as Dragon Year begins

Dragon enters with huge rainstorms, massive solar flares, and rich bright aurorae borealis all over the world. Aurora is the Greek Goddess of dawn + Boreaus the Greek God of the north wind.

Solar storms can effect all kinds of technology including radio & satellite communications, air traffic control, and more. When a fiery mass hits Earth’s atmosphere, it creates a brief imbalance in Earth’s magnetic field. But we’re safe here on Earth from geomagnetic storms, protected by Mother Earth’s atmospheric blanket and strong magnetosphere.

This is just the beginning. Anticipate infinite opportunities for draconian displays of nature to remind us that the vast universe is full of wonder and mystery. And light Dragons come in all colors. This video link shows red aurorae borealis skies as far south as Memphis and Atlanta. Happy New Year!


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  2. Yay Dragon Lady Year!

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