Astrological Party Planning in Dragon Year

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Garden Party in Dragon Year

Garden Party in Dragon Year

Spring is here! And spring is the power time of Dragon year. Dragon loves many things, but Dragon especially loves all kinds of parties and celebrations. In this Dragon year, bigger is better. Nothing is too extravagant or over the top for the mighty Dragon.

But no need to break the bank for a Dragon dream. Instead, try an astrological pot-luck. It provides something for everyone, and creates a communal spirit that Dragon enjoys, along with Dragon’s best friends Rat and Monkey.

An astrological pot luck is based on your Western sign’s element:

Element WATER signs PISCES, CANCER & SCORPIO bring beverages.

Element EARTH signs VIRGO, CAPRICORN & TAURUS bring desserts.

Element FIRE signs SAGITTARIUS, ARIES & LEO bring main dishes.

Element AIR signs GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS bring side dishes.

If your event is large enough, refine the details:
For Water signs: PISCES brings sparkling water, Champagne, white wines or light beer. CANCER brings juices, red wine & dark ales. SCORPIO brings the hard stuff, or coffee and teas.

For Earth signs: VIRGO brings healthy fruit & fruit pies. CAPRICORN brings cakes & cookies. TAURUS brings chocolate!

For Fire signs: SAGITTARIUS brings what cooks fast like shrimp or tofu. ARIES brings heartier fare like fowl or grain dishes. LEO brings meat or vegan meat substitutes.

For Air signs: GEMINI brings salads & veggies. LIBRA brings chips, dips & appetizers. AQUARIUS brings noodles, pasta, rice, or bread.

This spring and summer, get out and socialize. Next year Serpent 2013 will be the time for reflective contemplation. But now is the time to enjoy and celebrate. Dragon doesn’t need a reason to party — life is the reason!

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