Full Moon in Scorpio and Venus Retrograde

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Full MOON in Water sign SCORPIO

Full MOON in Water sign SCORPIO


Saturday May 5, 2012 is a full Moon in the passionate, sexual, and very intuitive Water sign Scorpio. Emotions come to the surface as this full Moon shines light on feelings that were hidden or unconscious. Now more than ever, trust your intuition and note where you focus your attention. Be like Scorpio in the form of the Phoenix and fly high inspired by your inner knowing.

The transformational energy of this powerful Scorpio full Moon is felt most strongly by the Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. This Scorpio Moon is also excellent for gardening and plant cultivation. Under Scorpio’s influence, sexual energy is intensified and relationships can bond more deeply. Be sure to celebrate and appreciate your loved ones because…


Tuesday May 15 love planet Venus goes retrograde in the mutable, changeable Air sign Gemini. Every year, Venus is retrograde for about 6 weeks. Should a conflict arise, make a big problem a small problem, and make a small problem nonexistent. If there are partnership break-ups during this Venus retrograde, amends can be made after Venus goes direct on June 28.

Happy full Moon,



  1. Hi, Susan! This is actually a comment about the lovely picture you’ve posted in one of your astrologytweet Tweets today! Today is my birthday and it made me smile to see all of those pretty bluebells (I think!) ~ their light, airy appearance captures the feeling of why I’ve always felt so lucky to be born during this beautiful time of year!

    • Dear Jennifer,
      Happy birthday!
      The flowers that you like are LILACS.
      They are blooming like crazy at the Japanese Tea Garden here in San Francisco.
      Tea Garden admission is free every Mon, Wed & Fri between 9 AM – 10 AM.
      Be an early bird and go enjoy.

  2. I am a Cancer rising Gemini and my BF is a Scorpio rising Sagittarius. This past full moon brought us a break up. I am wondering if Venus retrograde will bring a resolution to the matter and a reconciliation. Needless to say that he was the one to blow up under the full moon energy.

    • Both of you can understand the reasons of the blow up now that it’s over.
      And both being Water signs, that was felt very deeply.
      Work to heal this relationship.
      Yes — you can reconcile during the Venus retrograde.
      Good luck!

  3. I had a back and forth relationship mostly me giving, him taking and started feeling that is just wouldn’t work out, right after the full moon. While I fought the intuitions to end it momentarily, I ended it completely on the 14th. Intuitively I still feel it was the right thing although the tempation is there to try again and again and again. Is it possible that the moon and retrograde brought about the overwhelming “being done” feeling. Also I am Scorpio, he is Leo.

    • Dear Christina,
      Yes, the emotional power of the Scorpio full Moon brought to light the feelings that you know are true. The new Moon eclipse on Sunday 5/20/12 will help you start a new life cycle.

  4. my gf and i broke up on may 26. i havent spoken to her since and was wondering if it would be wise to wait until after the venus retrograde to reconcile with her. i am a scorpio and she a pisces.

  5. Dear Scorpio,

    If you want her back, call her or see her as soon as you read this post. (Call better than text, even if she doesn’t pick up.) It’s always the right time to offer an olive branch of peace. If you can afford it, send red roses. Flow with her sensitive and changing responses to you during this Venus retrograde cycle. Lay off being the heavy Scorpio until after Venus goes direct. Then passionately merge and blossom together.

    If you do not want her back, still contact her now and say nice things for neutral closure. But do not lead her on, or make arrangements to see her. Then when Venus is direct, use your Scorpionic insights and intuition to meet a new girlfriend.

    Good luck!

  6. Dear Susan,
    I wonder if is Venus R that affects the behavior of a man, who was all over me for a month before the Venus R and did everything possible to win my heart but shortly after the retrograde changed completely and got “cold feet”. I’ve tried to address the issue with him and question on his suddenly distant behavior but all i got from him was that he needs time and he likes to take things slowly, I haven’t heard from him for more than week. His sign is in Taurus and I guess that they may be more affected by VR than other signs. I was tempted to end everything but not sure if I should wait to Venus to turn direct again before making any decisions or shall i just give him more time.
    Thanks for your input.

    • Yes, the Venus retrograde can effect relationships! He went from hot to cold, so leave it be. When and if he returns after Venus goes direct, then you can decide if you want to be w/ someone who goes from one extreme to another. I agree that is unusual Taurus behavior, and maybe he has planets in Gemini, but from now on it’s up to him to repair the relationship gap after walking off on his cold feet. I say let him keep walking. Good luck.

      • Susan, thank you for this reply. Same thing happened to me (Taurus male, I’m a Leo) only we dated for 9 months. It was a wonderful relationship and then one night/morning he freaked out about his age (30) and decided that “If I am serious about getting married, maybe I should be looking around more…”. It caught me completely off guard and left me so heartbroken. I am still heartbroken but at least I know he didn’t break ME. And that in itself feels pretty good and I feel more free.

        ANYWAY, I agree, it’s up to him to repair the relationship since he was the one who ruined it. “El” you work on loving yourself. Susan, thank you for giving me the strength through your reply to carry on in my resolve to love and respect myself. I was meant to run into this page “by accident” 🙂

  7. Dear Susan,
    I am very much in love with a Cancer man who abruptly ended our relationship of 6 mos. in early June. 2 weeks prior to that he had seemed a little down and preoccupied and admitted he realized he still has unresolved anger issues surrounding his divorce of 2 years earlier. He decided to break it off with me because he said he felt something was “missing” with us but he couldnt put his finger on it. Our relationship seemed to be going very well and I was caught totally off guard. I am heartbroken but feel he acted rather hastily with this decision as he was very emotional (in tears) when we discussed breaking up and seems conflicted and confused. Is there any hope for a change of heart on his end once Venus goes direct? Im really hoping so.

    • Forgot to add to last post: I am a Virgo woman

    • Dear Lisa,

      He “admitted he realized he still has unresolved anger issues surrounding his divorce of 2 years earlier.” and I believe him.
      But timing is off. He needs to heal, as he honestly told you. You & he were a transitional relationship after his divorce.

      When Venus goes direct, find a new man but this time your relationship criteria is that the man be 100% available for partnership.
      Even if he has kids, make sure that’s all settled and that he’s been single for a while — and that his timing is ready to settle down, or at least open to a long-term partnerships since that seems to be what you want.

      And you be upfront about this, not acting light and fun when you meet men and then later do the pattern of wanting a serious commitment after 2 years, like with the Cancer fellow. As a Virgo, send a healing thought to the Cancer man, instead of a criticism, when you think of him.

      This year, boldly go forward and meet new people to connect with a new man. Change the energy and move on. During this Fire Horse month, the sooner the better. Good luck.

      • Dear Susan,
        Thank you for you quick reply. It’s disheartening to hear though. Actually he has been divorced for 2 yrs and we have been involved 9 months total. I have a daughter and he has no
        kids. He gave me every indication from early on he was serious and wanted this relationship and he knew I felt the same. Early on we felt
        like we were meant to come together but I have sensed his pain and uncertainty from time to time. He has been divorced twice and I think he is terribly fearful of another “failed” relationship. It’s so hard to move on-I thought he was the one I was meant to be with. I’ve never felt that before. We are both 44 and my last marriage was abusive. The pain I feel is very deep and overwhelming. I don’t have a clue how to move on.

  8. Dear Lisa,

    Find a support system where you are in the South. Maybe see a counselor for a couple of sessions. You can address issues of the old abusive relationship if that is still fresh for you, or made newly fresh by this break up.

    And do some bodywork to help you release. That would be a good place to start.

    For more insights, we can always do a tarot card reading by phone. Info is at https://susanlevitt.com/tarot-consult.html
    If you like astrology, we can do a forecast about moving on and what is next. Info is at https://susanlevitt.com/astro-consult.html

    Take care of yourself now and get assistance. As a single mom, don’t just tough it out.

  9. I am a scorpion .I started a relationship then it ended for no reason. His sign is Leo. Do you think after the retrograde is over we have a chance to reconcile/

    • Dear Toni,
      Scorpio and Leo are squared, meaning not compatible. You are Water, he is Fire.
      This is either an magical alchemical harmonious blend of yin feminine & yang masculine energies — or it’s not.
      Since it is not, let him go. Do not pursue him. Move on fast in this Dragon year.
      Should there be any reconciling, it is up to him to do so during this emotional Sheep month.
      You feel more emotional now on the full Moon, so take care of yourself for the next couple of weeks.
      You’ll be better, refreshed, and ready to start a new romantic cycle on the new Moon in Water sign Pisces on Aug 17.

      • Ty for the response but i thought his sign was Leo. I was incorrect Aug. 23. is Virgo. Regardless, I am ready for a new adventure.

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