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Venus shines brighly in the night sky.

Venus shines brighly in the night sky.


Monday June 4 is a full Moon eclipse in the philosophical and adventurous Fire sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a truth seeker who follows instincts, sees the big picture, and goes straight to the point. An eclipse is an absence of light when the shadow is seen, so on this full Moon eclipse, truth that was hidden can now be revealed. Time to be bold and speak what’s in your heart and mind.

Also on this full Moon, the planet of inspirations and dreams Neptune goes retrograde until November 10. Neptune will be retrograde in the Water sign Pisces, which is a natural fit for Neptune. This retrograde cycle can bring more opportunities for imaginative dreams, insightful illumination, and emotional regeneration. Or Neptune retrograde could be your time for a Dragon-year dreams reality check.

Both Venus and Mars square this full Moon, which could cause tension in relationships. So under Sagittarius’ influence, quickly move through relationship issues. Now is not the time to process or reflect, which could just lead to more arguments. Instead, expand your horizons, take a short trip, create an adventure, even go pick strawberries. Love planet Venus is still retrograde in Gemini until June 28 so tread lightly with your sweetheart. Speaking of Venus…


Tuesday June 5 starts a transit of Venus whereby Venus will pass directly between the Sun and Earth. This alignment is rare, coming in pairs that are eight years apart but separated by over a century. The most recent transit of Venus was in 2004, but the next one won’t occur until 2117.

Love planet Venus represents the feminine loving, nurturing, and creative principal of life. Venus crossing the Sun (from Earth’s perspective) brings together the creative forces of love planet Venus with the strong vital life force that is the Sun. This astronomical event is all about love, from universal consciousness love to intimate personal partnership love.

Venus will shift from evening star to morning star as She passes directly in front of the Sun. In ancient world cultures, Venus’ transformation from evening star to morning star was symbolic of death and rebirth, rebirth when Venus again rose in the morning.

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