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I received an email from a tarot student who was driving herself crazy by pulling cards about a relationship. In her own words, “I have pulled too many cards and I’m in a bad place now.” This is not so unusual. People tend to keep selecting cards until they get the card that they really want. I joke that when it comes to relationships, don’t just keep picking until you get THE LOVERS!

So what to do? I recommended a tarot diet about this relationship by limiting the tarot to one card a day for 30 days. Then that one card will have more force because it’s the only one. I select one tarot card every morning and post it on Facebook and on Twitter at #tarot_tweet. And I stop and contemplate my daily card, not just pick and pick until I get THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.


In my book INTRODUCTION TO TAROT I describe the One-Card Spread on pages 180 and 181: There is beauty and simplicity in the minimal one-card spread. Shuffle, cut, lay out the cards in a half-moon shape, ask your questions, and then select just one card. One picture can tell a thousand stories. Only one image is required to illuminate your path.

This one-card spread can be used without the shuffling and cutting preparation. This makes it very convenient for shopping and travel. Shuffle a deck and place it in carrying pouch. When shopping, keep the pouch in your handbag or briefcase. If doubting whether or not to purchase an item, select just one card from the pouch. The answer will be clear. Purchase THE EMPRESS item. Leave the TWO OF SWORDS item.

Tarot decks are published in many sizes. I recommend the tiny Waite-Rider deck to use as a portable deck. Shuffle and place the deck in a small pouch to carry with you. You never know when someone else might want a tarot reading or when you’ll appreciate a quick sneak peek at tarot card. The imagery from a single card may provide the insight you need.

The following is an account of a one-card spread with a very happy ending:
I answered the phone only to hear a stricken tarot client calling from Los Angeles, “Susan, I’m so sorry to bother you at night but tomorrow is the Emmys and I can’t sleep. I need to know if I’ll win.” I pulled THE STAR card. “You are a Star, I told her. “Win or lose, you still win.” The next evening she won her first Emmy. In this instance, one card was all that was required.


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