New Moon in Cancer Begins Fire Sheep Month

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New Moon in Water Sign Cancer

New Moon in Water Sign Cancer


Wednesday July 18 2012 is a new Moon in the sensitive Water sign Cancer. Empathy is naturally stronger, making it easier to connect with your emotions. Follow your intuition, observe signs or symbols in daily activities, and be open to intuitive dreams at night.

Cancer rules the fourth house of family, nurturing, motherhood, home, and roots. Time to get cozy, take care, and give some attention to what’s been neglected in your life. Because Cancer is a Water sign, healing with water at a beach or lakeside, health spa, or baths at home can be transformational.

If traveling, note that Mercury is still retrograde until August 7. Allow more time for lost keys, lost tickets, and other delays.


This new Moon begins the month of the Fire Sheep. Sheep symbolizes love and peace, and is artistic, inspired, and creative. Under Sheep’s gentle influence, it is fortunate to explore your creativity or develop your passion.

Opportunities to heal, refresh, and find beauty are for everyone, and are most deeply felt by the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and those born in Sheep, Pig, and Hare years.

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