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Parrot selects a tarot card!

Parrot selects a tarot card!

Sometimes a tarot reader, or someone who is learning tarot, tells me that they do not feel clear enough to pick their own tarot cards. Either they are too attached to the outcome and are nervous about it, or they fear that they’ll keep picking cards until they get the answer they want. In these instances, your animal companion can help you! If you wish to include your pet in your tarot process, willing animals can be trained or gently persuaded to select tarot cards.

cups9Shuffle your cards, cut, and lay out the cards in a half-moon shape. Then ask your pet cat, dog, bird, serpent, or other domesticated animal to place their paw, beak, or body part on a card. Cats tend to be very acute. Some animals enjoy the divination process and seek tarot selection opportunities. My pet parrot Jamilla died of old age, but when she was alive she often selected tarot cards. She tapped her little beak on the back of a card to indicate her selection. She regularly selected 9 Cups.

Good luck in using your animal companions to assist you with divination. You just might find that your pet has a talent for it!

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