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a-geminiTuesday Dec 17, 2013 is a full Moon at 1:28 am PST in the Air sign Gemini. There’s more energy, excitement, and vitality under the influence of effervescent Gemini. But this full Moon is opposite both the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. Your head and heart could be in conflict. Your head convinces you of one reality while your heart whispers another. Logic does not prevail, and affairs might not run smoothly.

Adding to the full Moon intensity is Mars opposite Uranus squares Pluto, making a cardinal T-square. Squares can set the stage for tension, irrational behavior, or childish impulsiveness. So lighten up and move on, like a true Gemini.

Fortunately, Uranus goes direct, the planet of revolution, folly, and unexpected surprises. Uranus has been retrograde since July 17. Now that Uranus is back on track, events can be unique, different, and very freeing. People are able to express new ideas and expand their circle of friends. Time to bring on some Uranian magic. Anything can happen, and your good luck could be around the next corner.

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