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full moon horseJuly 1st 2015 at 7:20 pm PDT is a full Moon in Capricorn.

Earth sign Capricorn is practical and realistic, providing the perfect energy to slow down and relax if you’re feeling a bit scattered during this fast-paced Horse month.

Astrologically speaking, there’s much good news! Very fortunate is that love planet Venus continues to conjunct Jupiter in Leo to bring out the best in relationships. There is a heightened appreciation of love and beauty. Even casual social contacts lead to success. Venus and Jupiter both trine Uranus in Aries to attract new friends, and be receptive to new ideas.

Also fortunate is the Sun in Cancer continues to conjunct Mars that adds strength to your convictions, and physical strength to overcome illness. Sun and Mars both trine spiritual planet Neptune in Pisces to follow your instincts and Horse-month hunches. People are more idealistic and sensitive, with concern for the welfare of others.

Plus communication planet Mercury creates three lucky star sextiles to Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. This is great for travel and scenic trips, you can make solid plans, and prepare your ideas to talk your way to success!

But note that the Full moon conjuncts Pluto, and Sun is opposite Pluto, bringing powerful depth of expression for art, sex, and all passions that stir your soul. Keep Plutonian creative energy strong and active as Horse month wanes. There will be time for reflection during double Sheep month that begins July 15; Water Sheep month in Wood Sheep year. More double Sheep in my next lunar update.

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