2017 Cancer Full Moon

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January 12 2017 is a full Moon in Cancer. Water sign Cancer is the mother figure and nurturer of the zodiac. So use the coming two weeks as the Moon wanes to take care of yourself, especially by eating healthy food. Plus Cancer rules the fourth house of family, home, and roots making the next two weeks ideal to clean your home and prepare for Chinese New Year that starts on the new Moon on January 27.

People could feel frustrated by the configuration of a grand cardinal cross of the full Moon in cardinal Water sign Cancer opposite Sun and Pluto in cardinal Earth sign Capricorn, and squaring Jupiter in cardinal Air sign Libra, and squaring Uranus in cardinal Fire sign Aries. Cardinal signs are active and goal oriented. Under the influence of this grand cross, there could be delays, or a sense of being in the doldrums with nothing new, and it’s more of a challenge to get things done. Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius making it necessary to be thorough and cautious.

Fortunately, Venus, Mars, and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces for increased empathy and sensitivity. Venus conjunct Mars is especially good for enjoying social times, appreciation of art and beauty, increase of sex drive and passion, and involvement in creative work.


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Full Moon luck is strongest for Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio and those born in Sheep, Rabbit, Pig, and Horse years.

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