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Happy New Year of the Earth Pig! Create good luck with good feng shui!

2019 is an Earth year, so time to focus on earthly matters such as health, food, home, and other material concerns.

During an Earth year, create a warm, cozy, and inviting environment so you can live comfortably. There won’t be another Earth year until 2028 for strong focus on earthly-plane issues, so this is the year to heal a lingering illness or pain, clean your kitchen cupboards, organize your closets, upgrade your home, go to the dentist, and other mundane matters.

Especially take care of your diet and digestion this year because the element Earth rules the stomach in Chinese medicine.

Feng shui is part of Chinese medicine whereby health can be restored and maintained in a calm, peaceful environment. So this Earth year is naturally fortunate to focus on your home. Create your home the way you really want it to feel. If your home is OK, then maintain and refine what you have, and be appreciative! Those born in Pig year are naturally gracious.


Stop mess before it builds by creating the habit of tidying up before you leave your home or office. Then a peaceful environment awaits you when you enter. Especially at your place of work, it’s not favorable to leave a mess over the weekend.

Pig year is an excellent time to beautify! Pig is in a harmony trine with Sheep and Rabbit, the artists of the Chinese zodiac. Pig is creative, artistic, and has exquisite taste in the arts. Pig pays great attention to hygiene and appearances. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Pig is not a slob. Pigs like to dress neatly and nicely, and usually have a flair for fashion.

Home is important to those born in Pig year or on Pig day. They require a secure, safe environment, they can be very protective of their space, and they respect clear boundaries.


Where to start to bring in luck for 2019? Start at your front door. Clean your entry to welcome all the good luck that will come into your home and place of business in the new year. Wash, sweep, or vacuum the front steps, porch, entry hall, lobby — whatever the entry is where you live.

Make this area clean, well lit, and inviting. Check the entry’s lighting fixtures, make sure the doorbell works, and touch up scuff marks with fresh paint. Add an entry rug if you don’t have one. If you do, replace it if it has worn out its welcome.

For a business, make sure that your entry is clean and inviting, and that there is good signage with clear address numbers. A business must be easy to find, and attractive to enter. One third of business success is good feng shui at the entrance.


What is the first thing seen when you enter your home? Your eye goes somewhere, so direct the eye by organizing each room so that the first thing seen sets a pleasant tone to make the room inviting to enter.

Make sure that the first thing seen in each room is clean and inspiring. You do not want to see a pile of paperwork or any type of mess. Stay tidy, especially during this element Earth year when it’s easy to get bogged down in clutter and just too much stuff.


One style of feng shui is to overlay a map of eight tri-grams, called ba-gua in Chinese.

Focus on the Marriage and Partnership corner in Pig year to create an abundance of love. This corner is located in the far right-hand corner from the entry.

Social Pig enjoys good times! 2019 is a nice year for a second honeymoon. Strong connections with their partner are important to Pigs who are sensitive souls, and truly give their heart when they fall in love. Every room of your home and office has a Marriage and Partnership corner to focus on during this Pig year.


The dining room correlates to the Element Earth, and 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig. The dining room is a yin room, so round or oval shaped tables are preferred, and round or oval mirrors. A round or oval rug can soften this room.

If you do not have a dining room in your home, you can still focus on diet, nutrition, food choices — what you dine on. Keep your kitchen clean and inviting in this Earth Pig year.


Paint colors correlate to the five Taoist elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood:

FIRE/HEART/LIVING ROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element Fire is represented by the heart. The living room is the heart of the home. Your living room is best with accents of the bright and lively Fire colors red, purple, orange, and all shades of red. Bright accents stimulate conversation and activity. Strong FIRE brings passion, energy, and creativity.

EARTH/STOMACH/DINING ROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element Earth is the stomach. The dining room is where we eat and digest food. The dining room is best in earthen tones of gold, terra cotta, or other soft yin colors. Red paint in a dining area is too stimulating and people eat too fast. Strong EARTH brings stability. balance, and patience.

METAL/LUNGS/BEDROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element Metal is the lungs. The bedroom is where we sleep and breathe deeply while resting. Best bedroom colors are white, cream, and soft pastels. Avoid bright big prints on bedding and drapery, especially in a child’s room, because it’s too yang and not restful. Strong METAL brings logic, clarity, and intelligence.

WATER/KIDNEYS/BATHROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element Water is the kidneys, and therefore correlates to the bathroom. Paint this room in a soft, quiet, and calm color for peaceful elimination of waste and for soothing bathing or showering. Light blue is fine. Strong WATER brings wisdom and serenity.

WOOD/LIVER/KITCHEN – In Chinese medicine, the element Wood is the liver. Wood is used in a kitchen to feed the cooking fire. The kitchen must be kept very clean because this is where food is prepared, so white walls are best. But green accents or a plant are recommended to introduce the Wood element into this Wood room. Strong WOOD brings growth, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

The energy of any room can be transformed by adding a coat of fresh paint. If all rooms of your home have white or ivory walls, all white is too much of the element Metal that can lead to arguing. So paint one room with color. (Or add a backsplash of color on one wall, or trim a room with color.) Don’t know which room to paint? Paint the room that’s in the most need of sprucing up.


In a feng shui system of flying stars, every year the stars change location. I know this system but don’t use it because each year one direction indicates an unfortunate place, meaning unfortunate for events such as a robbery. If you have concerns about a direction being unlucky, then be sure that area is clean, made conscious, and nicely decorated! If you fear robbery, install a security system or rescue a dog.


It can be fortunate to add plants, flowers, and healthy bamboo to your home and workplace to increase abundance. The energy of a room is brightened by the addition of flowers and plants. And plants offer fresh oxygen.

Indoors or out, it’s best to have plants that stay evergreen all year, and that do not lose their leaves in any season.

Lucky flowers are orchids, peonies, and lilies. Also favored are colorful tulips and roses. Roses are fine in a home or office, but remove them if there’s arguing (influence of the rose’s thorns.) Avoid thorny plants like cacti.

Be creative! Pig year is an excellent time to redesign your home. Pig is naturally artistic, along with Pig’s most compatible signs Rabbit and Sheep.

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