2022 Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse in Snake Lunar Month

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May 15, 2022 is a lunar eclipse at 9:11 pm PDT, and a full Moon in Scorpio at 9:14 pm PDT. Water sign Scorpio rules the eighth house of birth and death, sex, and transformation. Scorpios are very insightful and can bond on a very deep level.

During a Scorpio full Moon, emotions are strong, and intuition is heightened. The eclipse brings greater emotional intensity. If old resentments or issue from the past come to the surface, what needs to be discovered can finally come to light.

Fortunately, this full Moon trines Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune. You have more courage to stand your ground, yet still have empathy and sensitivity to your own moods and the moods of others. Emotions that bubble to the surface can create truthful connections that enhance everyone’s well-being.

This full Moon eclipse marks the peak of Snake lunar month, a time for shedding skins of the past to create new life and abundance. As the full Moon wanes for the next two weeks, you can release and let go emotionally. And continue doing your spring cleaning! It’s just easier to get by with less.

Mercury is still retrograde until June 3. It’s better to review past events instead of putting plans into action right now. Contact me for your tarot card reading or astrology forecast for clarity. Spring rebirth is for all, especially Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer and those born in Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, and Sheep years.

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