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Keep the Peace during VENUS RETROGRADE

Keep the Peace during VENUS RETROGRADE

Sunday May 20 is a new Moon eclipse in the exciting, mercurial Air sign Gemini. This new Moon starts a new lighter life cycle with Moon, Sun, and Venus all in effervescent Gemini. Gemini is a very social sign so share your ideas, communicate, network, and brainstorm with others. During Gemini’s cerebral month, it’s easier to learn new skills and grasp abstract concepts. Keep moving forward during this time of fast evolution.

An eclipse is an absence of light when the “shadow” is seen. So really listen to what you tell yourself and others. Think in ways that support you, instead of repeating any negative thought patterns or judgements. Integrity of character is key, not Gemini gossip or chatter, because this new Moon eclipse is followed by a full Moon eclipse in fiery Sagittarius on June 4 when the truth comes to light. The effect of these eclipses, and all planetary activity, is more powerful because it’s the year of the Dragon. Projects and endeavors begun during an eclipse come to fruition in six months.

Love planet Venus is still retrograde in Gemini until June 28. Be careful to not use this powerful eclipse energy for nitpicking in relationships or quarreling over trivial matters.Where Gemini is located in your astrology chart shows which house holds this eclipse, and indicates where to focus. Feel free to call or reply to this email for guidance from tarot or astrology if questions or choices arise.

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