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The color RED is lucky in feng shui.

The color RED is lucky in feng shui.

It’s holiday season and time to celebrate! “Deck the halls with boughs of holly,” goes the seasonal carol, and from a feng shui perspective that’s a great idea. Adding festive decorations to your home and work can bring luck and improve your feng shui. Bright holiday decorations help elevate your mood, and the festive color red helps temper any holiday blues or seasonal affective disorder in wintertime. Add the color red during the holidays. Red adds fire to our lives. Red spurs us into action, strengthens motivation, and inspires passion for life.

A Christmas tree brings life into your home. The tree’s shape is like a flame with energy moving upwards to the star on top. The tree is decorated with bright lights, and beautiful ornaments add even more vitality. A Christmas tree is lucky in all areas of your home, especially the fame area located in the center of the far wall when entering a room. Your Christmas tree is also very lucky in the wealth corner, the far left-hand corner from the entry. If you have a wall with a red back splash, your tree would look striking in front of the red, and be powerful in any location. If you celebrate Hanuka, the lighting of candles brings fire and is very fortunate. Decorating with the Hanuka colors blue, white, and silver are peaceful and healing.

When decorating your home and workplace, put your heart into your decorating. Create beauty with living things. Instead of so much tinsel and plastic, this year try decorating with live plants. Like the Christmas tree, live plants bring fresh energy to your environment. The pointsettia is lovely red holiday plant, but only get a couple of them. This year try fresh flowers such as orchids, gardenias, roses, or your favorite flower. If you’re grouping together too much red, which can happen with many pointsettias, separate the red by add green, silver, gold, or a combination of these colors. The color gold is especially fortunate in this Dragon year.

Feng shui engages all our senses, and than includes sound. So play happy music! Instead of the background noise of your TV or some other device, set the holiday mood with joyous and healing music.

Astrologically speaking, Christmas day will be magical. On December 25 the Moon blends with Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet and the most fortunate planet in astrology. Jupiter is the “Santa Claus” of the zodiac, the good father archetype and the bestower of gifts.

Transits of Jupiter bring opportunities whereby doors open, so perfect that there’s a major Jupiter aspect on Christmas! Moon conjunct Jupiter enhances generosity, brings an easy flow of kindness and nurturing support, and a feeling that everything is alright. In Western astrology Moon and Jupiter will both be in Gemini on Christmas. The mercurial Air sign Gemini makes travel easier, conversations flow, and everyone can lighten up and have fun. In Vedic astrology, Moon conjunct Jupiter will be in the sensuous Earth sign Taurus, which is even better. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, the best sign for the Moon, with deep appreciation of the fundamental beauty of life.

Happy holidays!

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